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Chambers assures Legislature’s support for transparent elections 

House Speaker Bhofal Chambers has spoken of the Legislature’s role in promoting sound election policies and voters’ participation.

Speaker Chambers said it is incumbent upon the Legislative body of any country to ensure the promotion of free, fair and credible election processes, as well as the sustenance of democracy.

Chambers made the comments last week via phone on the House’s Public Affairs program “Today in the House” on ELBC from the United States 2023 Democracy Summit in Washington, DC.

He boasted of Liberia’s preparedness to conduct transparent elections this year, owing to the numerous measures set to ensure unhindered electoral processes.

Speaker Chambers also highlighted the role of the Legislature in promoting anti-graft initiatives, as well as peace-building, among other things.

Mr. Chambers said his participation in the U.S. Democracy Summit 2023 will greatly help Liberia’s democracy.

He stated that he was elated that this convocation was called, to include members of the Legislature around the world and other experts.

“And we want to say we’re happy there were several issues discussed. I was one of the panelists that spoke on free and fair elections, and the role of the Legislature in promoting sound election policies and voter participation,” Speaker Chambers stated.

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“So I spoke on that when I said how Liberia was driving in that direction because there were measures put in place to have the people effective in the political processes in Liberia,” he noted.

Speaker Chambers informed other members of the Legislature from around the world that democracy itself is the heart of the process, but there are other things to complement and sustain democracy.

He pointed out that there were other issues discussed at the Summit including global peace, global security, the role of the Legislature in supporting international democratic commitments and preserving democratic norms.

Other areas discussed are Legislatures’ roles around the world in countering corruption.

Meanwhile, Speaker Chambers has lauded USAID Group, the National Democratic Institute and the IRI for their involvement in the process.

The summit is hosted by the U.S. House of Representatives, co-implemented by the International Republican Institute (IRI) and the National Democratic Institute (NDI) with funding from USAID.

The Legislative Track of the second Summit for Democracy, specifically designed for global legislators brings senior legislators from across the world.

The legislative track of the second Summit for Democracy started from Tuesday March 28-30, 2023. Approximately 60 senior elected representatives at the leadership level convened in Washington, DC to participate in a number of in-person sessions. 

These engagements provide opportunities for reform-oriented members of parliament to connect and learn more about their shared responsibilities and democratic practices.

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