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Weah tells lawmakers

Buchanan, Grand Bassa Count-President George M.Weah has told lawmakers in Grand Bassa County that it is time to change the paradigm of how government work to make an impact in the lives of its citizens.

“We have been working for our people differently, and it has yielded no fruit. We need to change the paradigm of how we work,” President Weah said as he wrapped up his tour of Grand Bassa County on Civil Compound #4, as part of his third leg of the county tour.

Mr. Weah asserted that leaders should sometimes have conscience and be ashamed of themselves when their living conditions are far better than the people that voted them into office.

Moving his eyes around the hall in which the town hall meeting was being held, he lamented that the place was not fit for such gathering and that even their own dress code contradicted everyting.

Weah: “Look at this, look at this, look at this, look around you, look at this and look at us, look at us (describing how splendidly dressed up they were as compared to the infrasture they were sitting in and the environment).Sometimes, we should have consceince and be ashamed of oursleves. This place doesn’t represent anything. You can’t be repsenting people and bring the President and the entire government here. It is not possible.”

“We have to go back to the drawing board and make sure that every village, everysitting place or Town Hall be well designed. It should be well modelled,” the President stated, as someone pointed an artist impression of the proposed Civil Compound #4 design to him. “Let me see this. This is what we should be doing.”

“The people talked about road connectivity, they talked about techincal colleges…This year during the budgetary exercise all of you (lawmakers) should join me to make sure that everywhere road need to be fixed, let us allocate that-everywhere light need to be let us allocate it so our people can be happy.”

The president said if the two branches of government can work together and agreed to fix roads this year and erect street lights the next year, then “the following year you can bluff and put your coatsuit and tie on. And when you are coming the people can say yes, that man fixed our roads, he fixed our street lights.”

Mr. Weah asserted that it was not easy for people to wake up early moring to form long queues just to go to the polls to cast votes for elected officials and risk their lives to protect those votes and have nothing in return.

“People wake up in the morning to go to the polls to vote, and when they vote, they have nothing: People risk their lives to protect their own votes and the least we can do is to develop their places,” the President said.

He said his resolution this year is to go to the lawmakers to ensure that everthing that the people have requested for on these trips are provided for in the budget.

Earlier, the Electoral District#5 Representative Thomas A. Gosuah had asked the President to help them in their developmental needs in the area.

He had before then extended an appolog to the President if there were any reason for which his district was not benefiting from any of his developmental packages.

He also infomred the President that Grand Bassa as a county was not an opposition to the government and that it could be seen through the 74.4% of votes the president obtained during the election from the county.

Rep. Gosauh, also mentioned the condition of the raods leading to the district capital and asked the president for his intervention as well. He also called for help in the education and health sectors.

But President Weah said most of the things being requested for was within the powers of the lawmakers to do them because they do the budgetary allotments. He said when they make the allotments and bring them, he will sign it.

Mr. Weah said doing so was easy because the budget derrive from the Legislature and he could not understand why they should be asking him to do the things they have the power to do.

However, he asked them to join him because this year he has his own resoltuion and that is to ensure that the citizens requests are captured in the budget. Weah: “This year my resolution is to go to the lawmakers that this trip we are on what our people want will have to be in the budget.”

By Othello B. Garblah

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