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Charles Gibson resurfaces

Cllr. Charles Gibson has again been appointed by President George Manneh Weah to head the country’s Minister of Labor, more than two years after his first appointment to the Minister of Justice was withdrawn by the Mr. Weah over allegations of integrity.

Cllr. Gibson was among the first batch of officials appointed by President Weah on 22 January 2018, following his(Weah’s) inauguration.

In his latest appointment on Tuesday, 6 October President Weah again renominated Cllr. Gibson, this time as Labour Minister.

Mr. Weah withdrew Gibson’s first nomination as the Liberian Senate delayed his confirmation while reports concerning the nominee’s past records circulated overwhelmingly.

When contacted for clarity on Tuesday, 6 October, Deputy Presidential Press Secretary Mr. Smith Toby indicated that the new appointee for the post of Labor Minister is the same Cllr. Charles Gibson that was earlier appointed for the post of Justice Minister.

“I think the first one they sent to Justice, you remember that time, yes, not the one to LEC [Liberia Electricity Corporation],” Mr. Toby says in response to this paper’s inquiry on which of the Cllr. Charles Gibson had been appointed to head the Labor Ministry.

The Cllr. Charles Gibson who was appointed to the Ministry of Justice had previously been suspended from practice by the Supreme Court for allegedly duping his client. President Weah withdrew his nomination on 7 February 2018.

However, the Supreme Court lifted his suspension from the direct and indirect practice of law within the bailiwick of Liberia after restituting an amount he had been held for.

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The President’s latest appointments of officials affect the Ministries of Commerce and Industry, Labor and the Liberia Civil Aviation Authority (LCAA) with immediate effect.

Those appointed by the President on Tuesday, 6 October and are subject to confirmation by the Liberian Senate where applicable include George D. Wolo, Deputy Minister for Commerce, Ministry of Commerce; and Thomas Goba, Deputy Minister for Industry, Ministry of Commerce.

At the Ministry of Labor, Zoe Mensah has been appointed as Assistant Minister for Trade Union Affairs and Liberia Civil Aviation Authority, Mr. Moses Kollie, Director General.

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