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Charlyne Brumskine Cautions Weah

Ms Charlyne Brumskine, daughter of the political leader of the opposition Liberty Party, Cllr. Charles W. Bruskine, calls on President-elect George Weah to listen to his Vice, Jewel Howard Taylor, if their administration must succeed.

“We hope the President-elect will lent his ears to the Vice President especially, when it comes to women issues, there is need for women’s voices to be heard, though when things get tough, it is the men that bear the burden, but women are the caretakers in every home”, she says.

Appearing on OK FM in Monrovia on Wednesday, 17 January Charlyne discloses that the goal of the Liberty Party in coming months is to mobilize smart young partisans, who will keep the party’s focus, saying “We intend to go forward even if we don’t have a strong block at the level of the legislature.

“I encourage all young men and women to do something in their various communities, if we must move forward as a country, because if Liberia will rise or fall, that depends on the kind of contribution we give as well meaning citizens”, stresses.

The young Liberian female passionate about her country’s politics, was in the center of her dad’s campaign for the presidency during the 2017 elections, but the LP came third in the first round of election conducted on October 10th receiving 9.6 percent of the total votes.

He subsequently challenged results of the poll, citing fraud and irregularities, but lost a legal process before the Supreme Court of Liberia.Charlyne refutes public perception that the LP has been a collaborator of the Ellen Sirleaf Administration, as was widely speculated during the campaign period, saying, her dad has been one of the strong critics of the regime.

“I will like to build politicians, I don’t have to be in politics, I think we have to know our roles, that’s the problem we are facing in this country; everybody wants to be a politician, and that, I don’t focus my attention on. We need women, who are involved at community engagement level.”
She stresses that economic empowerment for women starts from various communities, where they will have opportunities to excel to higher level or getting into politics.

She discloses that her dad, Cllr. Brumskine, had made it clear that it is time that he takes a step back, though he will be supportive of the party’s activities in an advisory role, adding I am not here to speak for him, but the fact remains that I have seen him make lot of sacrifices that many politicians here did not make for Liberians.”

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“We did all we could as a team, we went to all of the counties, carrying our policy documents, telling citizens across this country that we can be a better party to transform Liberia into a better country, but yet the people have made their decision, so I think it is time that my dad steps back.”
Asked whether she has desire to take up an appointment from President-elect Weah, Charlyne replies, “I don’t really know what capacity I will serve in, but I really believe I can work in the private sector, from my background, I can better work in the private sector.”

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