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Charlyne speaks out

The Vice Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Cllr. Charlyne Brumskine has rejected criticism of being a political neophyte, saying she has vast wealth of experience and understanding of politics and governance in Liberia.

Charlyne said she has drafted more policies and regulations relative to the Legislature, Executive and Judiciary branches of government giving her an appreciable understanding of the workings of Liberia’s governance system.

“I understand the realities and how the system works, more than most of the so-called recycled and used politicians, having drafted more Legislative policies and work as an educator. I understand the challenges from the administrative standpoint, and also operate my own law firm,” she said.

Charlyne 47 is an Associate Professor at the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law, University of Liberia, a Counsellor-at-Law at the Supreme Court of Liberia, and Senior Managing Partner of the CMB Law firm in Monrovia. She is the daughter of the late Counsellor Charles W. Brumskine, founder of the Liberty Party.

Charlyne, former Representative Aspirant in Grand Bassa County, was on May 27, officially endorsed by the CPP Standard Bearer, Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, as his running mate in the October 10, general and presidential elections.

In an interview with OK FM, on May 31, Charlyne describe the CPP ticket as the best and a litmus test for good leadership, which Liberians must embrace and change the centuries-old ways of doing things that have only retarded progress and trapped millions in abject poverty.

The CPP Vice Standard Bearer said in these difficult economic conditions, Liberia is in dire need of good and innovative leaders with integrity, not politicians who lack understanding of how the global economy works and how to attract badly needed foreign investments to the country.

“Liberia needs innovative leaders with vision, who will attract both regional and international investments, improve the country’s technological sector to internationally acceptable standards, and create massive jobs and opportunities for thousands of Liberians trapped in extreme suffering and poverty,” Charlyne Brumskine said.

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She asserted that Mr. Cummings vision and aspirations for a prosperous nation is unmatched and are similar to those of her late father and founder of the Liberty Party.

She made specific references to Cummings vision for the formation of an inclusive government of all Liberians, irrespective of tribal, political, or religious affiliations, and how the Buchanan port in Grand Bassa County can become a major economic hub in Liberia.

She said the CPP Standard Bearer has integrity, enviable experiences in corporate governance and vast understanding of the global economy than any of the contenders in the race for the Presidency.

On claims by critics that she is disconnected from the poor masses, Charlyne wants Liberians to disabuse their minds that one must have to experience hardship and poverty in order to help the poor and to be uneducated in order to help the uneducated.

“A doctor doesn’t need to have malaria to treat malaria, a Lawyer doesn’t have to be a criminal to fight for someone and an Advocate doesn’t have to be a victim of rape to understand how to fight for a rape victim,” Charlyne Brumskine said.

She stressed the need for Liberians to change the country’s narrative of neglect, poverty, suffering and war-torn Liberia and speak about the emergence of a new nation of hope and brighter future for all Liberians.

Charlyne said no one should take pride in poverty and telling stories of poverty and suffering, noting that Liberians are tired of recycled and the same old stories by politicians, who have done nothing good for Liberia.

She said these bogus narratives of poverty and suffering have done nothing, except to keep certain people in power at the detriment of the nation.

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