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Chief Kawor warns Liberian youth

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-as BRYF, MICAT, honor black American fashion designer

The Chairperson of the National Council of Chiefs and Elders of Liberia (NACCEL) Chief ZanzanKawor has warned youth of Liberia to desist from criminal activities and become productive.

He gave the warning recently at the Providence Island in Monrovia when the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism (MICAT) in collaboration with the Bill Rogers Youth Foundation (BRYF) presented the Nelson Mandela Freedom Award 2020 under the Theme: “Peace, Reconciliation, Dignity and Equality” to the Ambassador of Creativity Fashion Project based in the United States of America (USA) Mr. Quinton de’ Alexander.

Chief Kawor also gowned and certificated Mr. Alexander for his talent and hoped that young people engaged in stealing cell-phones and other ugly acts would change to become productive citizens.He noted that while there were some young people with bad behavior in Liberia, there were equally good and productive youth, who are striving to portray a positive image of Liberia.

Chief Kawor referenced Mr. Bill Rogers, a young Liberia who returned home with a trophy after he competed in an international track competition, bringing great pride and dignity not only to Liberia but Liberians generally.

He said the country needs more young people that are willing to learn and acquire professional skills that would prepare them for international competitions. The Chief conferred on Mr. Quinton de’ Alexander the traditional title of Quinton Tamba Tailor Alexander of Liberia, in memory of late Chief Tamba Tailor of Lofa County.

The ceremony was graced by top government officials, including Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee, Deputy Information for Culture, Culture Ambassador Judi Endee and the President of the National Governor Council of Liberia Madam Musu K. Thompson, among others.

In remarks, Culture Ambassador Judi Endee said, she discovered Mr. Alexander two days prior to the program, while searching the social media. She added that thereafter, Mr. Bill Rogers, who is resides in the United States, informed her that he would ensure the black American fashion designer come to Liberia.

Receiving the honor in a joyous mood, Quinton Tamba Tailor Alexander disclosed that prior to coming to here, he received negative information about Liberia, but despite these interruptions, he decided to visit the country to see things for himself.

Quinton noted that since his birth, Liberia is the first African country he has visited because of his love for the country and its people, including his Liberian friend, Bill Rogers.

Mr. Bill Rogers, a Liberian athlete, said he met Mr. Alexander in the United States, while searching for a fashion designer and praised him for the bond of friendship they have established, which led him to invite the black American to Liberia.

He said through assistance to his foundation in Liberia, at least 125 young people are currently benefiting scholarships to pursue various professional disciplines. By Emmanuel Mondaye

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