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Chief Zoe arrested

The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaThe Chief Zoe of the Poro Grove in Bola, Senji District in Bomi County has been arrested. A release issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs said Dazoe Henry S. Johnson was arrested in connection with the forceful initiation of two men into the Poro Society.

The Ministry said men Poro operatives, acting on the orders of Dazoe Johnson, forcibly took away the two men- Abu Sherif and Mambu Freeman- and initiated them.

The incidents reportedly occurred on Thursday, April 9 along the Coleman Hill-Beajah Road, as well as in an area known as Kissi Camp in Senji District. 

The Ministry of Internal Affairs is quoted by the release as saying that the actions were in violation of General Circulars #12 & 13 issued by the Ministry in 2012 and 2014.

The General Circulars warned against forceful initiations, as well as the suspension of all Poro and Sande activities in Liberia.

The Ministry said it would take appropriate cultural actions against Dazoe Henry S. Johnson to serve as a deterrent. 

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