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Child trafficker arrested

Officers of the Drug Enforcement Agency or DEA here have arrested a woman believed to be in her 40s for child trafficking. Suspect Klubo Deddehwas arrested for allegedly kidnapping a 15 year – old girl named OrethaKerkula, astudent of the School of Excellence on Lovers Streets in the ELWACommunity in Paynesville.

The DEA says it made the arrest at 11am on Monday, 3 April on LoversStreet in the ELWA Community where she had allegedly gone to pick upthe victim. During interview with reporters on Monday after the arrest, DEA Chieffor Operation Mr. Johntor K. Wolo narrated that the suspect was in theprocess of selling the 15 – year – old girl for money before she wasarrested.

Officer Wolo said the DEA has been conducting the intelligence for thepast two weeks before the arrest was finally made. He said the DEA rescued the girl from suspect Deddeh who had allegedlyintended selling the victim for about US$250, 000.00 to anybody whowas interested.

Officer Wolo claimed that suspect Deddeh confessed that she wasselling the child because she was encountering hardship in thecountry. In order to achieve her motives, Officer Wolo said suspectDeddeh had narrated how she lied and convinced the kidnapped girl thather father wanted to see her.

In an interview with the NewDawn, suspect Klubo Deddeh did not denyher involvement in allegedly kidnapping the girl, narrating that shegot involved in the act as a result of hardship that she isundergoing.

She said she could not bear the hardship, and had therefore taken thedecision to sell the victim for money. Suspect Deddeh said she tookthe decision to sell the victim after a man told her that a politicianwanted to buy a child to be used for sacrifice for the election.

“Things were hard on me, I had nowhere to turn, so one day a man cameto me saying he knew somebody that wanted to buy a child to use forthe upcoming election. That was what motivated me to get involved in
the selling of this child”, the suspect narrated.

She alleged that the man had promised to give her US$50, 000 as hershare for bringing the child. Based on the alleged agreement that sheclaimed to have with the man, the kidnapper said she got the victimfrom her school campus by lying that her father wanted to see her.

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Meanwhile the man in question Mr. Richard Jallah narrated that suspectDeddeh told his wife about her (suspect’s) plans, following which theycooperated with the kidnapper under the pretense that they knew thepolitician that wanted to buy a child.

Mr. Jallah said he only did that to take the child from the kidnapperand report her to national security on grounds that the kidnapper was allegedly desperate for money.

Mr. Jallah claimed that suspect Deddeh and his wife are all from theLorma tribe in Lofa County, and the suspect had allegedly spent twomonths with he and his wife in the Peace Island Community before latermoving to Rock Hill Community. DEA officers said they were to turn over suspect Deddeh to the LiberiaNational Police, while the kidnapped girl was taken by her mother.
By Lewis S. Teh-Editing by Winston W. Parley

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