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Children’s Parliament condemns violence against children

The Liberia Children Representatives Forum frowns on abuse of women and children in the country.The children parliament says its attention has been drawn to widespread violation of children’s rights in the Liberian society.The Liberian National Children’s Representative Forum, formerly Liberia Children’s Parliament in recent news conference said violence against children continues to exist, affect children throughout the length and breadth of Liberia.

Reading a three-page press release, the National Speaker of the Children Parliament, Prince Y. Saydee said the Children parliament was established with the aim of advocating, representing, lobbying and speaking out issues affecting children in Liberia.

“As an institution fighting for human rights in Liberia, we have come to the realization that Liberian children do not have access to their rights, they are not protected.”

He recounted several rape cases of children, including a 17-yr-old girl on 28 July 2019 in the Baptist community, Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County, a 15-yr- old girl on 30 July 2019 Sinoe road community, a 13yr-old girl in New Creek CVI Gold Camp, among other cases affecting children here.

Saydee continued that there have been numerous violations of the 2011 Children Law of Liberia and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, respectively.

He recalled that the incident involving the Liberia National Police spraying teargas at protesting public school students, which also violates the children’s Law, specifically, Article 3, Section 14.1 on the right to expression and access to information.

The Children Speaker said since the death of little Linda Sherman, who allegedly hung herself in her parents’ home, the Liberian National Children Representative Forum wrote communications to the Inspector General of Police and the Deputy Minister of Gender for Children Protection, respectively, but “we are yet to be given any information as to what led to the death of Linda Sherman, which we believe that is equivalent to denying children the right to get access to critical information as to their survival, growth and development.”

“We call on the President, Vice President, Speaker and members of the 54th Legislature, Chief Justice, Ministers, Diplomatic officials, our International and Local Partners that the children of Liberia are not protected, as a result we are vulnerable to harm and danger because we are not prioritized and respected in Liberia”, he laments.By Lewis S. Teh

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