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China Liberia relationship: Is It a Potential Death Trap for Liberia?

Burgeoning president head-of-state and commander-in-chief in undeveloped African countries like Liberia are three times overwhelmed about China immeasurable economic handouts to their immature countries. African presidents who are unable to make rational decisions are so happy about the outpouring of China’s economic hospitality and social generosities accorded them in their individual countries. There are severe consequences for free gifts from Chinese.

A dangerous death trap for poor, weak and vulnerable African presidents is often embedded in the Chinese free gifts, something, the insensitive African presidents do not know nor understand due to their lack of critical assessments on the part of African presidents. African presidents have forgotten about their colonial dilemmas that ruined the foundation of Africa from its cradle by economic intruders. But the fact is that Africa is going through a period of neo-colonialism, and the Chinese are prepared for such an equation.

Most African countries like Liberia are comfortable with the Peoples Republic of China’s main political and foreign dynamics for ten (10) fundamental political analysis that is deeply tied to the Chinese social culture and political values they shared with African presidents.
1. China does not interfere with any African county domestic affairs or how long certain presidents have been in power

2. China doesn’t have time for human rights violations, abuses, crackdown or freedom of speech
3. China does not want to know how repressive or dangerous an African president can be to his own people
4. Chine does not want to know where Liberia is ready to enforce its TRC or not
5. China is not interested in rampant corruption, International treaties or embezzlement
6. China is not interested in wage wars in another part of the world to impose its values or engages in civil wars in other countries or kill innocent people who don’t share their beliefs and political practices
7. China does not speak the language of regime change or that African president be deposed
8. China fundamental concerns are the mineral resources in African countries
9. China does have time for the fourth estate, rule of law or due process in African countries
10. How an African presidents’ treaties his people, comfort his people or destroy his people, China doesn’t really care about those standards

Africa presidents are three-time very, very comfortable with these China political values rather accommodate United political values, which is by and large an access bagged for African presidents. The African presidents now find themselves between two strange political worlds: Communism and Democracy, but the African president interpretation of democracy is in direct alignment with the China expectation and social economic and political fulfillment. China tells the greedy African presidents to take and carry and pay me later.

The United States will say before you take, let us do your international background checks on your human rights, women rights, children rights, international treaties. Somethings, the African president disallow in their political DNA. The recent “Forum for China-Africa Cooperation” (FOCAC), compelled all the African to dress up in cat suits for Beijing China to attend FOCAC and the Chinese Premier Xi Jinping welcomed all the African presidents both dictators and non-dictators asking in their own rights with no discrimination, unlike the American government dictators are not allowed to enter the US, they risked being arrested and persecuted by the American government, but the Chinese Xi Jinping doesn’t have such luxurious time to waste checking for who is a dictator and who is not dictator among the African presidents.

They qualified that as political rubbish. All the African presidents are treated equally irrespective of their repressive status in their individual countries. From the political side dressing issues raised in this analysis, it appears the African presidents are happy to deal with a partner that doesn’t provide checks and balance on their social economic and political undertakings including the suppression of their citizens.

With this said, then China is the future for all African presidents who will want to still in office for life or who will want to kill all their population simply to stay in power at all cost, because China is interested in one thing and one thing only, the “mineral resources” of African countries. With such a Familia echo, China has indeed found a trusted partner of African presidents both dictator and non-dictators.

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The question then becomes, should China accumulate all the African mineral resources? The answer is in the affirmative because China and Africa have the same political DNA especially how they treat their own citizens in a very oppressive and cruel direction. It is believed that as long, China doesn’t interfere in African politics and want to police them, they can have the resources they want from the 52 African countries with no hesitation which is not a superb news for African president who supposed to be striving how to feed itself, clothed itself, defense itself and determined its own destiny.

This marriage appears to sound interesting, but there is a price to be paid which is in the form of a death trap. Liberia for an instant, Liberia just received $US54 million as an initial grant for or the construction of two overhead bridges as well as US$20 million in food aid. And President Weah is very pleased about such a great offer. President Weah termed as “successful for Liberia’s recovery process his visit to China in terms of the gains made in terms of re-strengthening the country’s relations with China as well as its support for agriculture, road, health, and technology under the government’s Pro-poor Agenda.” President Weah further lamented “No one in his/her sound mind will not appreciate a free gift from a friend.” (Credit Liberia daily Observe newspaper. 9/12/18).

A free gift? Are you sure President Weah that the $US54 million was a free lunch? It is such a free lunch that has continued to make African president mentally weak to be innovative to develop new ideas and new ways to even feed their own population, neither developed their countries. Liberia also got $56 million to build an overpass on SKD Boulevard.

The Chinese do not give free lunch, President Weah, this is a death trap for you against America wishes who will soon be labeled as Chinese puppet and will go after you through sanctions and change of regime. China did not invest $US 60 billion in Africa for lunch or gift or they so loved African so much especially where African already owned China 130 billion dollars in debt that is a death trap for those countries including Liberia.

The goodwill dram continues for Africa. Ghana is getting it to share of $US2 billion from China for its bauxite and the same death trap I have already been extended to Guinea, Senegal, and Mauritania just in West Africa along. The seriousness is that when African president is unable to pay back their huge debts to China, China will ask them to surrender all their mineral resources to them including wildlife and fisheries. China will then take those goodies away and repackage resend them to Africa for sale to the same African who will be compelled to buy the Chinese goods because the African president lacks vision so their people will continue to suffer immensely.

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