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China reports US$181m investment in Liberia

By Lincoln G. Peters 

Chinese Ambassador to Liberia Mr. Ren Yishen says China’s direct investment stock in various industries in Liberia reached US$181 million as of the first half of 2021.

In a statement released Monday, 18 July 2022, Mr. Ren said China-Liberia cooperation is an important part of China-Africa cooperation.

He noted that China has carried out pragmatic cooperation with Liberia by following the right approach to greater good and shared interests.

Amb. Ren continued that China has been adhering to the principles of sincerity, real result, affinity and good faith, and has achieved a series of tangible results. 

Mr. Ren’s comments were contained in a statement under the theme “Mutual Benefit and Common Development are the Biggest Features of China-Africa and China-Liberia.”

The Chinese Envoy explained that at present, the Chinese side is proceeding in an orderly manner with the implementation of the China-aided projects.

He named the two capital overpass bridges of which construction works are yet to commence, the clinical diagnosis and treatment laboratory at the 14 Military Hospital, the LBS expansion and upgrade, and the Somalia Drive – Sinkor Road and Bridge projects.

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Amb. Reb detailed that the Chinese government and Chinese-funded enterprises have contracted most of the major infrastructural projects in Liberia, and about 10 major roads and other projects have been completed or started in recent years.

Mr. Ren noted that since the outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic, China has successively provided six batches of anti-epidemic material assistance to Liberia. 

In 2020, he said China funded US$1 million to provide health and nutrition assistance to Liberia. 

Over the past three years, he said China has also provided Liberia with approximately 2,500 tons of emergency food assistance each year. Of that, he said up to US$2m was provided in 2021. 

Continuing with the outlines of China’s support to Liberia, Mr. Ren pointed out that his country has so far dispatched 14 batches of medical teams to assist Liberia.

In 2021 alone, he said 5,845 patients were diagnosed and treated, and China provides Liberia with about 50 full scholarships, more than 150 short-term training opportunities and academic degree scholarship opportunities.

Additionally, he said a hundred plus “Chinese Ambassador Scholarships” every year have been provided to help cultivate Liberian talents. 

“The new China-Liberia Economic and Technical Cooperation Agreement signed in 2021 is being implemented,” he explained.

“And the Chinese grant assistance is a 50% increment compared with the previous phase. A number of material assistance projects, including police supplies, vehicles, and fingerprint comparison laboratory equipment, are progressing in an orderly manner,” he noted.

Amb. Ren assured that China will implement a zero-tariff policy on 98% of imported goods from Liberia. 

“The two sides also seek to expand cooperation in areas such as agricultural modernization, industrialization development, green economy, telecommunications, electricity, and roads,” he said.

The top Chinese diplomat in Liberia indicated that his country has become one of Liberia’s major development partners.

Amb. Ren stated that practice has proven that China-Africa cooperation adheres to mutual benefit and win-win results, which has effectively improved Africa’s economic and social development conditions.

He argued that this has brought tangible benefits to the African and Liberian people, showing that China truly respects and helps Africa. 

“Entering the new era, China will continue to walk hand in hand with the African people, firmly follow the path of mutual benefit and common development,” he said.

Amb. Ren cited China’s commitment toward a deepened pragmatic cooperation in various fields.

“China will vigorously implement the “Nine Programs” of the FOCAC by integrating the BRI, the Global Development Initiative (GDI), and the Global Security Initiative (GSI) closely with the AU Agenda 2063 and PAPD based on equality and mutual respect,” he said.

And jointly, he said, China will build a China-Africa and China-Liberia community with a shared future. –Edited by Winston W. Parley

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