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China Stock Market welcomes first China-Africa Trade Internet Enterprise-Afrindex

Afcan Network Technology Co., Ltd. (Afcan) announces its public listing on Nov. 06 of 2017 in Tianfu(Sichuan) United Equity Exchange, with Stock Name of “Afcan” and Stock Code of 811791. Since the foundation up to now, Afcan has so far been specialized in providing service for China-Africa Trade Cross-border E-commerce,with its missions of “Serve Africa;Win-win in Africa”.

Responding to the call of “Belt and Rold” and “Go out” policies, Afcan creates Afrindex—The African E-commerce Carrier and successfully operate Afrindex.com, which is a professional global China-Africa trade match-making and cultural exchange portal. Afrindex’s original Delegation Service System, including Afrindex Big Data, Trade Delegation Service, Afrindex-SAS(Steward Type African Promotion Service system, deeply implanted in electromechanical equipment, building materials, textile, chemicals, food, medical and new energy industry, aiming at making China-Africa Trade easier.

According to Afcan’s leader, Afcan has established its Operational System includes Operations Headquarters in “the land of abundance”—Chengdu, Service Center in Shanghai and Western African Community Operations Center in Ghana. At the same time, Afcan’s Operations Center in other four African Communities’ center regions is under construction. It’s the first time for a China-Africa Trade internet enterprises being listed in the stock market. Afacn’s listing in Tianfu(Sichuan) United Equity Exchange is a milestone in its development and marks the beginning of a new era and its official connection with capital markets.

The leader of Afcan expresses his gratitude to leaders at all levels for their support and assistance. He will lead his team to redouble their efforts with serious business around the missions of “Serve Africa; Win-win in Africa”, help to achieve the goal of “Internet +” for Chinese and African traditional companies and enhance the communication and development of China-Africa Trade. At the same time, Afcan will take this opportunity to strengthen internal management and optimize resource allocation and to pave the way for becoming the first listed China-Africa Trade internet company.

It is known that Afrindex.com belongs to Afcan China, with three main websites clusters under Afrindex African Trade Carrier as follows:
6 African service platforms clusters: Afpedia, China-Africa Trade Research Center, China-Africa Exhibition Network, China-Africa Supply Chains Network, China-Africa Talents Network, Afrindex Investment Network,;

6 Industrial websites clusters: China-Africa Electromechanical Network, China-Africa Building Materials Network, China-Africa Textile Network, China-Africa Chemical Network, China-Africa Food Network, China-Africa New Energy Network;

10 African countries’ trade websites cluster: Morocco Trade Website, Kenya Trade Website, Ivory Coast Trade Website, Ghana Trade Website, South Africa Trade Website, Nigeria Trade Website, Uganda Trade Website, Ethiopia Trade Website, Tanzania Trade Website and Algeria Trade Website.

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