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China to speedup projects

The Chinese Embassy near Monrovia has announced plans to speed up aid projects in the country, including construction of a proposed multi-million dollar Ministerial Complex, the Monrovia Vocational Training Center, annexes to the Liberian Legislature, renovation of the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Stadium and the Roberts International Airport.

At China’s 66th Independence Day celebrations on Friday night, September 11, Ambassador Zhang Yue told President Sirleaf that China will help Liberia to break the bottlenecks in development such as insufficient infrastructure and human resources.

He said China will speed up projects mentioned considering the urgent need of Liberia, and assured President Sirleaf and the people of Liberia that China will encourage and support Chinese enterprises to participate in the development of infrastructure here in various ways and will promote capacity-building for Liberia by sending more experts to the country and providing more training opportunities in China.

The Chinese Envoy said his country will enhance cooperation with Liberia in the area of manufacturing so that the country can make best use of and add value to its own resources and improve its sustainable self-development capacity.

In response to the Chinese Envoy’s emphasis on speeding up projects here, President Sirleaf said, “we are waiting” to seeing China speedily implementing its projects as promised, having cited China’s enormous assistance to Liberia particularly a US$1.8m value of medical assistance airlifted to the country to jump-start the construction of Ebola Treatment Units.

“Mr. Ambassador, you have mentioned other important areas which China is supporting; I will not name them because I name them too often. I can only say this time, we are waiting,” said President Sirleaf. She mentioned the excellent representation with significant effort personally made by Ambassador Yue since he assumed his role here as Chinese Ambassador to Liberia to support this country in strong partnership with China.

“We are inspired by your commitment to continue to find new areas of cooperation for strengthening this partnership,” President Sirleaf said at the 66th Chinese Independence Day celebration last week.

By Winston W. Parley

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