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China Union Defies Labor Ministry?

In a show of defiance the management of China Union Investment has seemly refused to reinstate a former chief driver of the company, Nyumah Saah despite a Labour Ministry directive. A Labour Ministry investigation established that Nyumah Saah was illegally dismissed by China Union.

A ruling from the Division of Labor Standards at the Labour Ministry delivered by  Attorney William M. Johnson reads: “Wherefore and in view of the forgoing, the management of China Union Investment is liable of the action of ILLEGAL DISMISSAL and hereby orders to reinstate Mr. Nyumah Saah and pay him the months of August to October, 2013 and other benefits he receives in addition to his monthly salary as if he was never dismissed or lieu of  reinstatement, be paid the amount of US$ 3,450:00 (Three Thousand Four Fifty USD) representing:

  1. USD $450 as pay for the months of August to October 2013
  2. USD $3,450 as total pay for the months under section 9(a) (i)(ii) pages 196 and197 of the Labour Law captioned “Wrongful dismissal.”

The document pointed out that on June 10, 2013 the victim filed a complaint to the Ministry of Labor against the management of China Union Investment Liberia, alleging, amongst other things, unfair labor practice or wrongful dismissal.

It continued that Saah further alleged in his complaint that he was dismissed without a letter of dismissal from the management, and that his identification card was taken from him in the presence of four inspectors from the Ministry of Labour.

“That he was denied entry into the premises of management. On June 12, assignment was issued and served on the parties to appear before the investigation on June 20, 2013, at 11:00 A.M. The notice of assignment having been signed for and received by both parties, a conference was held on said date and time as mentioned in the notice of assignment,” the document detailed.

It said during the conference, Nyumah Saah alleged as per his letter of complaint that he was wrongfully dismissed by the management, which took his identification card from him in the presence of four labor inspectors.

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The document noted that for his part, the counsel for the China Union management Attorney Patto Jarbo, contended that Saah was not dismissed as he claimed, but that he should return to job as an ordinary driver as it was decided by the management and that his seven years leave that he was claiming was to be paid the following week at the Ministry of Labor.

The document said at the end of the conference, it was decided by the investigation that the complainant should return to job the following day and that management should return his identification card so that he could have an entry into the premises, as was agreed between the parties, but China Union is yet to comply with the ruling from the ministry.

When this paper contacted Atty. Patto Jarbo of the China Union Investment to confirm the document, he said the matter was belated.

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