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Chinese Company under Threat in Bong

The authorities of Bong County have given the Liberia-China Investment Group an ultimatum of three weeks to resume construction works on the Gboveh Community College in Gbarnga.

According to the Chairman of the Bong Legislative Caucus, Representative George Mulbah, the action is a result of the abandonment of the project by the construction company. He told this paper that the county and LCIG have already signed a memorandum of Understanding which compels the company to progressively continue construction works or have the contract terminated.

Mulbah also said that a court action awaits the Gboveh Community College contractors should the three weeks deadline expires without progress. The Bong Legislative Caucus Chairman wondered as to why  would a company that has been paid more than four million United States Dollars for the project choose to “play tricks” with the people of Bong County.

Mulbah has also vowed to collaborate with the security apparatus to seize the company’s assets in Monrovia if it failed to adhere to the three-week ultimatum. The Bong County Law maker expressed the county’s leadership’s preparedness to resist all attempts to compromise the interest of the public at a time when citizens of the county continue to await the completion of the college to enable them obtain higher education.

The Gboveh Community College Project, which started in November 2010, was expected to be concluded in November 2011, but was delayed by the contractor until the ban on the County’s Social Development Fund by President Sirleaf due to the GAC reports which indicted authorities of the county Project Management Committee for mismanaging the Fund contributed by companies operating in the county.

Last Month, Bong County Superintendent Selena Polson-Mappay ordered the detention of some of the Chinese contractors for delaying the construction process.

The Chinese were held at the Gbarnga Police station for more than seven hours and later released during the evening hours.  Madam Mappay said her action was intended to create more pressure on the company to speed up the process.

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The Gboveh Community College, when completed, will include staff quarters, dormitories for students and academic hall. It was first estimated at US$7.4m, but later US$7.9m, which meant the project cost was increased by US$500,000.00.

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