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Chinese professors recommend vitamin C

-to fight coronavirus

Two professors of Medical Sciences in China have urged Liberians and people around the world to resist the corona virus by consumping natural vitamin C in addition to current preventive measures.

They urged people panicking over the pandemic to be calmed and regain self-control because it can be contained by use of natural vitamin C to strengthen the immune system.

The Liberia WASH media Network, quoting a recent dispatch from Zanjan University in China, advised the human race to use as much as possible natural vitamin C to strengthen their immune system.

A faculty of Medical Sciences at the Zanjan University, Laila Ahmadi urged people to stop too much worrying over corona virus because natural vitamin C will get rid of the virus, and to desist from touching one another.

The WASH media quotes Ahmadi as saying the virus has no vaccine and no specific treatment for now, but use of natural vitamin C would help save lives.

According to Ahmadi, the disease appears to be caused by gene fusion in snakes and bats and has acquired the ability to infect mammals, including human beings.

Moreover, Professor Chen Horin, chief Executive Officer of the Beijing Military Hospital also said, “slices of lemon in a cup of lukewarm water can save your life”.

According to Prof .Horin, hot lemon can kill cancer cells, the lemon cut into three pieces and put in a cup, then pour hot water and turn it into (alkaline water) drinking every day will certainly benefit everyone.

“Hot lemons can release the anti-cancer drug again. Hot lemon juice appeared on cancerous tumors and cured all cancer. Treatment with this extract only destroys malignant cells and does not affect healthy cells”, averred Prof. Horin.

The Military Medical Chief said carboxylic acid contained in lemon juice can regulate high blood pressure, protect narrow arteries, regulate blood circulation and reduce blood clotting.

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