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Chinese team arrives to build more ETUs

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A high level 15-member advance team from the People’s Republic of China is expected in Liberia Friday, October 24, 2014 for the construction and operation of Ebola Treatment Units in the Country.

According to a Foreign Ministry release, the team will assist the Liberian Government in fighting the deadly Ebola epidemic. The release quoting dispatch from the Chinese Embassy says a consignment of construction materials and equipment is also expected in Liberia by October 26, 2014.


Ganta hospital rejects insured patients

The administrator of the Ganta United Methodist Hospital in Nimba County has terminated services with several insurance companies and two rubber plantation companies in the county for alleged default in payment for medical services rendered to clients and employees of the affected institutions. The rubber companies include the Nimba Rubber Incorporated (NRI) and the Cocopa Rubber Plantation.

The Ganta Methodist hospital administration has communicated with all departmental heads of the hospital not to accept any patients from those companies, including the Cocopa Rubber Plantation.

A press release issued by the hospital named entities affected by the decision as Africa Insurance Company of Liberia (AICOL), Insurance Company of Africa (ICA), Medicare Insurance Company (MICO), Mutual Benefits Assurance (MBA), Secure Risk Insurance, and the Cocopa Rubber Plantation.

The hospital said the affected entities have allegedly failed to pay medical bills for their clients and employees for treatments received over the period, thus prompting the action. Making specific reference to Cocopa Rubber Plantation, the release said, the company is indebted to the Ganta United Methodist Hospital in tone of One Million Liberian Dollars.

When contacted, the project manager for Cocopa, Benjamin D. Saye, confirmed the claim, but told The NewDawn that portion of the said amount has been paid without clearly saying how much.

He however contended that the LD1Million in question is too huge for the plantation, arguing that the administration of the Ganta United Methodist Hospital in the past over-charged Cocopa Plantation as compared to other patients seeking medication at the hospital.  Mr. Saye noted that while the entire country was suffering from Ebola, it was inappropriate for the Ganta hospital to prevent citizens, particularly its employees from getting treatment there.

He lamented that those employees from the plantation, who have been banned by the hospital are now required to pay their personal medical bills and the management will reimburse them.

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