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Christian Task Force declares fast and prayer

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The chairperson for the National Christian Task Force, Rev. David G. Benitoe, says the Lord has spoken to him and some other members of the clergy that Liberia should observe three-day fast and prayer, beginning 29 October to 31 October to seek God’s healing for the Nation.  He said that the Task Force has visited several counties, educating citizens about the deadly Ebola virus, while calling on all Liberians to join the fast and prayer.

Rev. Benitoe said everyone will start the fast and prayer the first two days and then gather on the Providence Island to climax. He also said that all Liberians should take along bread, which represents the body of Jesus Christ and Vimto or juice, representing the blood of Jesus. He said the spiritual exercise is in conformity with the book of Deuteronomy Chapter 32, adding that the Lord spoke to him in July, saying, “Liberia Return to God and Live.”

According to him, God is angry with Liberians because they have left from under his shadow and are involved in all kinds of demonic activities, adding, the three days fast and prayer is intended for healing and restoration.

At the same time residents of 72nd Community, home community of the late Eric T. Duncan, who died of Ebola in the United States, have grouped themselves under the banner, 72nd Concerned Citizens against Ebola. The chairman of the group, Rev. Marue W. Sirleaf, said they are involved in educating and sensitizing community dwellers thru door-to- door campaign against Ebola.

Meanwhile, the chairman for the New Georgia Sign Board Ebola taskforce, J. B. Walker Dennis, said the community has experienced 11deaths since July. Chairman Walker said residents of the community have been cooperative by not allowing visitors in their area.

He noted that the denial was the cause for the death of 11 persons in the community, noting that a house where a father died, the wife and children hid the body, but when the taskforce called in the police, they released the dead body.

He narrated that the family stoned him and insulted his family, but two days after, the mother died that was when the family believed that Ebola truly exists and it kills.

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