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Christians intensify campaign

The Liberian Restoration to Christian Heritage, an umbrella of Churches that petitioned the House of Representatives in 2013 to legislate Liberia as a Christian nation has intensified its campaign at the Capitol Building, calling on the lawmakers to act on the petition without further delay.

The Constitution of Liberia declares the country a secular nation with freedom of religion and worship.  However, in a formal communication to the plenary of the House, the group warned the august body to give its petition a priority this week or else its members risk God’s wrath.

The group contended that since the petition to the House, which was characterized by chanting anti-satanic slogans and Gospel musical extravaganza that rocks the seat of the Capitol Building last year, the Lawmakers have not brought the issue on the table for discussion.

The Liberian Restoration to Christian Heritage said Liberia still has experienced hardship, economic setback, reckless dressing, rise in crimes and poverty as well as homosexuality and lesbianism because the country is unitary and secular.

The largest Christian community here is opposed to declaring a Christian state. Most Church leaders and ordinary Christians argued that is from the heart and a way of life rather than by law as some are advocating for.

But the campaigners say they have over 75,000 persons, who signed the petition last year, standing back to ensure that the lawmakers adhere to their demand, adding the petition must form part of the upcoming national referendum on a new constitution as the work of the Constitutional Review Committee (CRC)  gradually comes to a close.

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