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Christians launch NCCL

A faith-based organization, National Christian Council of Liberia (NCCL) has been launched in Monrovia. It is not known whether the NCCL, launched yesterday at the Free Pentecost Global Mission Church on 10th Street in Sinkor, is a subsidiary of the Liberia Council of Churches.

The group has for some time now been calling for a return to the 1947 Constitution of Liberia, which prescribed Christian principles as the foundation of Liberia. The NCCL, which is a conglomeration of several Churches in Liberia, has an interim leadership headed by Bishop J. Rudolph Marsh, Sr. as interim president, Rev. Arnold E. Cooper, Jr. secretary general, and Rev. Jasper Ndaborlor, chairman, Board of Directors.

. Speaking at the launch, Rev. Dr. Ndaborlor said the emergence of the NCCL is not for selfish or personal motive, but for the Lord Jesus Christ. He said even before the Constitution of Liberia was written, the founding fathers had already declared Liberia a Christian nation, so there is no fight about that.

According to him, the 1847 Constitution of Liberia was written by inspired men and women of God, adding “I see no reason why we should be fighting in taking this country back to its root because we are giving back to God what is God’s.”

Dr. Ndaborlor further argued If God was introduced from the beginning, why teaching of the Holy Bible should now be stopped in schools and public places. He said Christians or proponents of a Christian Nation do not heat Muslims or any other group in Liberia, because all Liberians had co-existed and Liberia was called Christopolis or “City of Christ” long before the writing of a new constitution in 1986  Meanwhile, the interim president of the NCCL Bishop Rudolph Marsh, Sr. has explained the NCCL was giving birth in 2002 when ex-President Charles Ghankay Taylor said he was not the President, but Jesus Christ and from there Liberia was giving back to God.

Under serious pressure from rival armed factions and the international community, Taylor led the “Liberia for Jesus Crusade” at the Samuel Kanyon Doe Stadium in Paynesville where he prostrated before tens of thousands of citizens, calling for God’s intervention in the country’s crisis.

Bishop Marsh urged Christians across Liberia to stand up and speak against the ills because according to him, the leaders are not doing the right thing and the entire nation seems to be silent.  “And this is one of the reasons the Council has been born to tell the leaders in government how to live and take care of God’s people.

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The Council has been born today to help the Church in Liberia that is divided, and because of this, we are not playing our role”, said the Bishop. 

By Sally Gaye

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