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Christians must live purpose-driven life

The Pastor of the Christian International and National Assemblies Ministry in Paynesville outside Monrovia, Michael K. Kolee urges Liberian Christians to live a purpose-driven life.

He says one cannot claim to be a Christian, but yet is involved with things that are far from doing God’s work, noting, “Once you are a Christian, your appearance will tell people, instead of people asking whether you are Christian or not.”

Rev. Kolee gave the urge on Sunday when he served as Guest Speaker at the Faith and Victory Church during unveiling and honoring program by organized the Youth and Young Adult department of the church.

Preaching on the theme, “Knowing Your Importance and Contributing to the Church and Society” with text from 2nd Peter 1:4-10, he urges the congregation to be strong in their quest to serve God, noting that there will be lot of temptation that will come their way, but “You must remain strong despite all of those challenges that might arise.”

“I think one of the many problems we face as Christians is holy affection; people claim to be Christians but hate their neighbors”; he notes and adds, “You can do all of the work in the Church, sing, but once you don’t have love in your heart for your fellow, all of those works are in vain .”

Pastor Kolee explains that reason why most Churches are not playing their roles is because of hatred among members, adding that Church members are singing together in the choir, but yet they are not speaking to one another, and it is something that the Bible is against strongly.

“If you allowed yourself to be used by the devil, or corrupt, selfish, heart fills with hatred, then you’re not serving the true living God, but rather your own.”He says once a person is being called by God to serve, they are being called to loyalty, and there is a need for such a person to turn away from all of the unworthy things they were in prior to being called.

Meanwhile, the Bishop of the Faith and Victory Church, Dr. Michael Cooper expresses delight over new gowns unveiled for the Church’s choir during the program.
He says the purpose of the gowns is to serve God, rather than just wearing them for bluffing, and advises members of the choir that wearing of the gowns should be used as a symbol that would bring in members.

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“There must be a purpose for wearing these gowns, and that is to worship God; people that are downhearted, frustrated will come, and the choir must sign in that gown to save souls in order to serve God”, Bishop Cooper emphasizes.

By Lewis S. Teh-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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