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Church deeply corrupt – Rev. Tarpeh

Church leaders in Liberia have asked God’s forgiveness upon both the church and civil leadership for sin and corruption as they climaxed a three-day national fast and prayer declared against the deadly Ebola virus.

The disease has killed over three hundred victims in the country, and the government last week embraced the Liberia Council of Churches’ request for a national fast and prayer against Ebola and other diseases.

Interceding on behalf of the nation for its sins at the Providence Baptist Church on Broad Street, in Monrovia on Friday, August 8, the National Superintendent of the Pillar of Fire Church, Rev. J. Luther Tarpeh, said “We’re here again because we have not obeyed you.”

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President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, House Speaker Alex Tyler and other top officials and the public were present at the Providence Baptist Church on Friday, and the ceremony was aired live by a few radio stations.

Though Rev Tarpeh said during the war, God heard Liberians’ prayers when politicians could not solve the national problem, he, however, observed that Liberians have turned their back on God and are doing their own thing, pointing to corruption both in public and private places.

“Oh God, the church is deeply corrupt; the salvation message is no longer preached. Prosperity gospel has taken over the land,” he said. Again, he says the deadly Ebola virus has now hit Liberia and has paralyzed the nation’s economy and limited “our resolve and our productivity,” saying it takes God’s mercy and protection to heal the land.

“Oh God, we are sorry that we did not learn the lessons of the war; we failed you Lord,” he said. “Somalia is still in war, but by your grace you helped Liberia. For his part, the Senior Pastor of the Paynesville Wesleyan Church, Rev. T. Moses Kerkula, said: Iif “we say we have not sinned, and then we lie.”

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“Forgive us as the Church of Liberia, because there are things that we should have done that we did not do. Oh God, we should be the conscience of society. We should be the ones, oh God that will not partake in the sins of the world,” he said. Rev. Kerkula said when politicians are accused for doing wrongs, the church should not also be doing the same, as he repeatedly asked God for forgiveness.

“Forgive us Lord that we will not go with the world. Forgive us that we will not bring the world into the church. Forgive us so that when people sin out there, and they see sin  and sexual immorality, and they see lesbianism and gay activities in the world, and they look into the church, let them not see the same thing. O God, forgive the church,” said Rev. Kerkula.

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