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CICO, ACICO dragged to court

-in death of 14-year-old boy

The family of the late 14 years old Stephen G. Kormah has dragged China International Construction Company (CICO) and the Accident and Casualty Insurance Company to court for allegedly abandoning them after CICO yellow front-end loader machine killed their son thru alleged reckless driving.

According to court document, police investigation it established that a yellow Front-End Loader machine bearing identification number #Z-003 that was operated by an employee of CICO Chris Cooper of Weala, Margibi County lost control of his steering wheel and hit and knocked down several pedestrians, who were standing in a booth away from the motor road.

The document said the family of the late Kormah told police investigators that the yellow machine ran into their son, burying him under the gigantic tires of the machine, causing serious injuries that led to his death.

“Plaintiffs complain and say that as a direct result of the accident, the late 14 years old Stephen Kormah sustained neck and head injuries and was pronounced dead on arrival by Doctor Abatha Ricks of the John F. Kennedy memorial hospital, who was [in] ambulance #003,” the court document narrated.

The court said CICO construction company is the owner of the yellow front-end loader machine that lost control and resulted to the killing of the late Kormah and wounding several others.

It detailed that the second defendant, Accident and Casualty Insurance company (ACICO) an insurer of CICO construction company, on March 28, 2020 submitted an accident promissory note, accepting the police decision to hold its client, CICO liable for the accident in which the 14 years old lad died.

The document continued that after the tragedy on March 27, 2020, ACICO, through its management made a burial contribution of Three Thousand United State dollars (USD$3,000) to the family of the deceased, and since then, there has been no concern from the two companies.

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The family, through the court noted that after several meetings with ACICO, nothing has been said to them by the insurer and the insured up to the filing of the case.

“Plaintiffs say even though the injuries leading to the death of 14 years old Stephen Kormah was not caused directly by first defendant’s management, vicarious liability as a legal doctrine that assigns liability for injury to a person who didn’t cause the injury but who has a particular legal relationship to the person who did act negligently will be imputed to the first defendant,” the court document narrated.

It further explained that based on the law and the circumstances leading to the death of 14 years old Kormah, the family is demanding compensation for the following elements of damages sustained by the surviving parents of the deceased, including loss of future support to aging parents, loss of consortium with parents, loss of training, guidance and education, loss of affection, companionship and protection, loss of training, guidance and education, amongst others.

“That plaintiff complain and say that as a result of the losses sustained by their son’s untimely death owing to the reckless act of the first and second defendants agent, they are entitled to and is demanding from first and second the sum of USD$500,000.00 as general damages to account for the wrongful death of the decedent and the losses sustained by decedent’s surviving parents and family,” the court document concluded.

By Ben P. Wesee–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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