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CICO disappointed in motorists

The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaThe China Chonqging International Construction Corporation or CICO-Liberia has expressed disappointment in commercial and private drivers plying the Red Light-Gbarnga Road for over speeding and violating traffic rules.

(Left to right) CICO Safety Engineer Kelvin E. Clarke and PRO Shengwei Li

The company, which is currently constructing the highway, says this is causing drivers to involve accident on the road.

Speaking to reporters in Weala, Margibi County on July 19, 2014, the Safety Engineer of CICO-Liberia; Mr. Kelvin E. Clarke, noted that there are indicators to direct drivers while in the traffic, but they ignore them in violation, thereby causing some of them to result into accidents.

The CICO safety engineer noted that the Company further planted signposts at locations on the road where its operations are ongoing to alert drivers, including indicators to direct drivers either to go or stop and what the speed limit to run on, but these are being ignored.

Besides, he narrated that two flaggers are also assigned along the road with two flags (red and green) to control the traffic as well, but some of the drivers take disadvantage of them and do as they prefer. He added that motorists, especially motorcyclists recklessly ply the road, despite of the awareness created by the Company about the dangers of reckless riding.

Mr. Clarke noted further that the management of CICO has put in place a system that enables the police to work in line with its flaggers to control the traffic, but still some drivers and motorcyclists disobey those traffic rules. He called on drivers to observe the traffic rules in order to avoid accidents.

For his part, the China Chongqing International Construction Cooperation Public Relations Officer,  Shengwei Li, said he believes that drivers who are now in the traffic went to driving school and learnt the basic traffic rules to guide them as such he does not expect any driver or motorcyclist to disobey those rules. He explained that they should be appreciative to see indicators along the road to direct them, something he said is meant to avoid accident and save lives.

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