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Citizens disappointed in local officials

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-over Covid food

Several aggrieved citizens of Wainsue Town in Jorquelleh District #3 have expressed disappointment over the recent distribution of the Government of Liberia Covid -19 stimulus food package in the area. The aggrieved citizens, some young baby mothers, accused the town’s leadership and the district commissioner Washing Bonah of allegedly selling the rice. They told journalists that less than 50 households received the rice in Wainsue, leaving out others, including the most vulnerable people.

The citizens in a very angry mood termed as frustrating the alleged actions of commissioner Washington Bonnah and the town chief Korto Tokpah to have sold rice that was intended for them.“We are not happy at all, what they have done to us is evil. How can you take the rice and sell them, leaving out those who need to benefit?” Patience Kwenah, one of the citizens angrily said.

“Let the County Authorities come in now or they will hear that we have done another thing about our rice in this town. Those people who are calling themselves Leaders cannot continue to treat us in this manner,” she continued. They wondered why they were treated in such a manner when they always commit themselves to development and other activities in the town.

The citizens are therefore beseeching the intervention of the county’s leadership to remedy the situation
When contacted, Wainsue town chief Korto Tokpah and Commissioner Washington Bonnah denied the allegation, stating that the rice was given to those who were enlisted.

Commissioner Bonnah furthered that at no point in time did he or authorities of the town sell rice in the town; thus describing the COVID-19 stimulus package food distribution in Wainsue as the most transparent, since the start of the COVID-19 stimulus package in Liberia. By Joseph Titus Yekeryan in Bong

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