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Citizens told to vote wisely

An Administrative Assistant in the office of Speaker James Emmanuel Nuquay, is seriously warning citizens of Margibi County electoral district#5 and Liberia in general to be very mindful in making decision at the polls in October.

Mr. Paul Konatee, speaking on behalf of Speaker Nuquay recently in Dede-ta, District#5, emphasized that the upcoming elections are very crucial to the wellbeing of Liberians and should not be jeopardized by anyone.

He cautions that citizens should be careful select who they elect to represent them both in the Legislative and Executive branches of government, respectively.He notes that no one should get elected based on friendship or sympathy, but competence, past records of service and relationship with the people.

According to him, some aspirants should not be in the race, because they are not qualified for leadership, cautioning that if the wrong person were elected, the electorates would have to blame themselves, as they would cry for another six years from bad leadership. He also warns against violence in the impending elections, stressing that is now time for electorates to shine their eyes in order to vote wisely on October 10.

By Ramsey N. Singbeh, Jr. in Margibi

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