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Citizens want Bong College complete

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The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaAhead of the Bong County Development sitting expected this Friday, many residents and citizens of the county have begun challenging Lawmakers and the county local administration, as well as delegates to the county sitting to ensure that significant amount of money is allocated for the completion of the Bong County Technical College.

The Bong County Technical College construction started in November 2010, with President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf breaking grounds. 

The project, expected to have been completed in one year, is yet to finish despite the provision of US$4m already spent by the county prior to the opening of the school. Currently, the community college is operating from the facilities of the United Methodist School in Gbarnga, with students attending evening classes. The Tubman-Gray Methodist School, itself, runs during the day.

However, the citizens believe that with the huge enrollment at the college and many more students eager to enroll, the facilities under construction must be quickly completed to create good learning environment for students.

Some citizens pf Bong County continue to argue that the current Methodist facilities hosting the community college are substandard and do not represent the people of the county who are yarning for quality education for students and development of the county.

According to the Bong County citizens the best way to develop the county is to ensure the development of the county’s human resource.

They told our Bong correspondent that if Lawmakers and county administration, as well as delegates to the coming county sitting can only ignore other development projects for now and focus on the college, it would be at the advantage of everyone within the borders of Bong County.

The Bong County Technical College currently has nearly one thousand students this semester, and there are still serious complaints of congestion at the school.

Some equipment to be used by the students and school administrators are still in storage due to the lack of space to install them.

More than eight hundred students sat its last entrance exams, but only  two hundred were enrolled due to what many blamed on the lack of adequate space for accommodation.

The county development sitting is the highest decision-making body for development priorities, in terms of allocations for earmarked projects.  

The Completion of the county’s only community college continues to be a subject of discussion in every corner of the county ahead of  Friday’s sitting, with some citizens believing that it would be a big achievement for authorities of the county if the college is done in the soonest possible time.

By papa Morris from Gbarnga, Bong County 

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