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Citizens want the Environmental Protection Agency in Harper

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Citizens in the port City of Harper, Maryland County are seeking the intervention of the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA in their county.

The citizens, among them marketers are seeking the EPA intervention on environmental pollution caused by the overflowing of the Atlantic Ocean

Their demand comes following the EPA’s recent visit to Nimba County, where it carried out a full-scale environmental monitoring assessment and chemical inventory at ArcelorMittal Liberia.

Speaking recently during a day-long meeting organized in the county on the hygienic situation, County Superintendent Georg A. Prowd said the objective of the meeting was to address the overflow of the Atlantic Ocean and the poor hygiene condition of the Harper General Market.

The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn Liberia
piled of garbage along the beachside

He said the hygienic situation has drawn the attention of the county leadership, so it is trying to find an amicable solution to the alarming situation.

Superintendent Prowd noted that it is significant to support each other in times of problems, so the county leadership is calling on Marylanders in and out of the county to get involved in self-help initiatives for the betterment of Maryland.

He instituted a seven-member committee that includes prominent sons of Maryland County headed by Dixion Q. Butty to enforce the collection of funds in order to begin the project.

Though the total cost for such a project wasn’t disclosed to the citizenry, Superintendent Prowd said contributions such as sand, rocks, cement, dirt, and plank, among others should be channeled through the committee head.

For her part, Harper City Mayor Blessing H. Tweh termed the meeting as timely, noting that it was important for everyone to contribute as soon as possible while the local government on the ground engages the central Government for urgent intervention.

She said the Hoffman River shouldn’t be allowed to take over the market building neither to see marketers selling in deplorable conditions and rallied citizens to address the hygienic situation.

Mayor Tweh regretted the current condition of the Harper General Market, lamenting that it is not conducive to sell food there to the public so there is an urgent need to improve the infrastructure capacity of the building.

Meanwhile, the superintendent of the Harper Market Tete Luise lauded the county authorities and the media for highlighting the poor hygienic conditions of the market.

Superintendent Tete named overflow of the ocean, poor hygienic condition, and lack of warehouses, among others as challenges confronting the market in Harper.

She said due to the unhygienic condition, several market women that rely on the market to feed their families are running away because the situation poses a serious threat to marketers that sell fish and other goods.

The market superintendent narrated that market women normally take their children along to the market where they play, but when the ocean overflows its banks, it is scaring.

She recalled that over the years, officials of the market had engaged several institutions, including the Government of Liberia to address their concerns but their efforts were fruitless.

”Let me say to you, we have tried several times to engage our local officials, maybe the government wants for disaster to occur before they can come to our aid, because in Liberia it has been observed that, if something is coming slowly and citizens try to notify their leaders, they will give death ears until it sparks out before attention will be shown”, Madam Tete noted.

She disclosed that the Harper market currently hosts about 200 marketers with a single latrine that can’t accommodate both sellers and buyers at a time. By Patrick N. Mensah, Maryland County, Editing by Jonathan Browne

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