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City Court issues arrest for BIN officer, others

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The Monrovia City Court, presided by Stipendiary Magistrate J. Kennedy Peabody, has a Writ of Arrest for Immigration officer Peter Weah, and others for alleged criminal conspiracy.

The court action followed complaint filed by the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) against officer Weah in consultation with the Liberia National Police for alleged forgery. The senior security investigation consultant at the LRA, Sam Gaye, said the LRA has been following officer Weah’s immigration processing records for one month and now deems it necessary that he should face the law for alleged falsification.

According to the LRA, the BIN officer has been involved in issuing fake revenue stamps and receipts to aliens. Gaye disclosed that five fake LRA receipts issued by officer Weah is in the possession of the Security and Investigation Division of the LRA.

He added that officer Weah does his bogus operations directly in cohort with some employees of the LRA, whose names he did not mention. He said the LRA will take no chance with people involved in criminal conspiracy, noting that officer Weah, who is reportedly on the run, has been in the habit of paying for revenue receipts at little amount and then later increasing the fees to whatever amount of money he desires on the revenue receipts and falsifying the stamp to seek his personal aggrandizement.

The LRA consultant added that the Monrovia City Court has charged officer Weah with criminal conspiracy, economic sabotage, counterfeiting and forgery. Meanwhile, the deputy commissioner for operations at the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization, Robert Budy, has emphasized that the Bureau would not tolerate misconducts by officers in the field aimed damaging the high earned image of the entire institution.

Commissioner Budy is calling on officer Weah to submit himself immediately for investigation as being requested by the Monrovia City Court. – Editing by Jonathan Browne

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