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Civil Society Wants Ranney Jackson Out

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The National Civil Society Council of Liberia- Bong County branch has excepted to the appointment of Deputy Internal Affairs Minister Ranney Jackson as regional coordinator of the Ebola Task Force.

According to them, the appointment of Minister Jackson will embarrass the fight against the spread of the disease in the region because of his concentration on his election activities. They said Deputy Minister Jackson first exposed his biases and limitation by calling on a local radio talk show in Gbarnga, vowing to ensure that Bong County “got its fair share of whatever funding” that would be made available to him.

The civil society organizations also argued that as a senatorial candidate for Bong County, Jackson- a former superintendent of the county, could also use his current position to deny other counties of their benefits and focus on his (Bong) for personal political glory. The Bong Civil society officials, speaking on behalf of about 30 members of the Bong CSOs, also called on the government to fully support the Task Force in the region, minus Jackson, to execute its duty.

They called on President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to replace Deputy Minister Ranney Jackson on the task force with either of the superintendents of Margibi, Bong, Lofa and Nimba Counties who are her vice jurors since she, as President of Liberia, chairs the National Task Force on Ebola.

Meanwhile, the civil society organizations in Bong County have expressed dissatisfaction over the continuous closure of major health facilities across the country. According to them, the closure of health facilities across the country will further worsen the current health crisis.

Stephen Mulbah, Coordinator, James Tellewayon Co-coordinator and Lasanah Dukuly, Secretary General of the group urged the Government of Liberia to provide protective, and safety materials to health workers in the fight against the deadly Ebola disease.

According to them, the government has seriously delayed its intervention in the fight against the disease to the detriment of the lives of some of its citizens. Their comments were made in a joint statement issued in the Bong County last weekend.

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