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CJPS assures beneficiaries

The Executive Director of the Center for Justice and Peace Studies or CJPS assured Bong citizens and other mission areas that his institution was currently striving to introduce new programs this year.

Mr. Joseph D. Howard told our Bong County correspondent that the CJPS has written a number of proposals in order to intervene in various areas, including youth empowerment and governance.

He said the organization will also focus on local governance, noting that the institution already has the support and respect of a lot of donors on the basis of its rewarding services to the Liberian population. The CJPS Executive Director added that with a lot of new projects coming this year, they envisage the recruitment of more staff to work in other project areas.

According to Mr. Howard, one of his organization’s major challenges has been awareness/publicity, expressing its preparedness for such undertaking to keep the public knowledgeable about the activities of the institution in all of its mission/project areas.

He emphasized the need for Liberians to appreciate the level of work local NGOs were doing in the country, reminding them about the departure of international NGOs from the country, while local institutions will remain to continue their services to the population.  Mr. Howard expressed the belief that non-governmental organizations were immensely contributing to the development of Liberia.

The Center for Justice and Peace Studies, which has its sub office in Bong County, has been working with community radio stations in the county, providing logistical support to include the provision of motorcycles to help with the movement of staff in their reportage. The institution was heavily engaged in civic education during the 2011 presidential and general elections.

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