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Clar Weah named Ambassador, Champion of African Women Football

Liberia’s First Lady Mrs. Clar Weah has been named Ambassador and Champion of African Women Football.The Liberian First Lady was bestowed the honor Tuesday, 6 March in the Moroccan City of Marrakech where she has been representing Liberia along with key actors of Liberia Football Association (LFA) at the Confederation of African Football (CAF’s) first ever Women Football Symposium.

According to a dispatch from Marrakech, the prestigious honor followed her brilliant presentation, making the case for support to initiating grassroots sports development programs in Liberia.

FIFA Secretary General Fatima Samora said the Liberian First Lady’s presentation uncovered key areas that should be prioritized on the continent.

She also described the symposium as an eye opener for the game. First Lady Clar Weah, on behalf of the Liberia delegation, pleaded with FIFA, CAF and partners to support the creation of grassroot sports development programs in Liberia.

Madam Weah said such programs would teach children, both boys and girls, beginning at ages of six and seven the importance of the game and prepare them well for Liberia’s national teams.

“We can also start promoting football through high school with our boys and girls, especially our girls,” Madam Weah told a gathering of female football enthusiasts at the symposium.

She says through the high schools, “we can” then select them to form league clubs and then on to the national program.

Her advocacy appears to be prompted not only by her passion for the Liberian children but also the struggle Liberia is going through in building and maintaining dependable national male and female football teams.

According to Madam Weah, she is determined to helping the country overcome the challenge so that Liberia can once again be a force to reckon with in the sports arena.

“It just saddens me that Liberia has not had a national team since 1998,” she lamented, adding: “… and I just want to find a way where we can formulate something with FIFA to create sports from the grassroot for women so that we won’t have to struggle any longer.”

The two-day Women Football Symposium held under the theme: Raising Our Game is aimed at developing women’s football on the continent.

It brought together a host of former and current players, referees, coaches, members of the media along with CAF President Ahmad and FiFA General Secretary Fatma Samoura.

The assembly was split into seven working groups to discuss issues including sponsorship in women’s football, competitions, governance, the media and the expansion of the women’s game.

The decisions of the various working groups will be presented to CAF’s Executive Committee for review and implementation.–Press release

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