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Cleanup campaign at Postal Affairs

The Ministry of Post and Telecommunications (MPT) has begun a one – week cleaning up exercise to give the ministry a facelift. At the commencement of the cleanup exercise on Monday, 5 March in Monrovia, the Director of Communication at the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications Mr. Joe Lesolee told this paper that the exercise by staff is a mandate given by the new minister Cllr. Cooper Kruah upon taking office over the weekend.

Mr. Lesolee says Cllr. Kruah had expressed dissatisfaction over the way the ministry looked upon taking office.According to the Postal Ministry, the one – week massive cleaning up campaign exercise is to create the enabling environment where staff and customers coming into the ministry can have a better environment to carry out their transactions.

According to Mr. Lesolee, Minister Kruah has visited every department within the ministry including the outlook structure of the building since he took office to know some of those major problems that are unfolding at the ministry.

He adds that it is based on such visit of various departments that Minister Kruah saw the need to instruct the maintenance department to carry out a massive one week cleaning up campaign to give the ministry a facelift.

Mr. Lesolee believes that cleaning up the entire building will boost and showcase its beauty, including the exposure of the works at the ministry.He discloses that there are lot of leakages everywhere in the building and he thinks this is what has prompted Minister Kruah to begin his work with such an instruction.

“You can imagine from 2010 up to now since this ministry was brushed up, and now with the coming of our new minister I think he really willing to work cooperatively with staff of this ministry,” Mr. Lesolee told this paper.

According to him, the appointment of Cllr. Kruah by President Weah is a new dawn for the ministry, saying “we are very much delighted to work with him and we think his appointment is a clear indication that Postal Affairs Ministry is waking up from its dark days.”

The new Minister Cllr. Kruah has promised to rebuild the spirit of cooperation among employees at the ministry. Cllr. Kruah says his administration at the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications will not be referred to as sleeping giant by critics.

“… We are quite aware of the many challenges that employees of this ministry are confronting, together we can address them. But I want to sound a warning that my administration will not sleep,” Cllr. Kruah says.

By Lewis S. Teh–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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