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Clergy urges Church members to identify mark of God

A guest Minister of the First Baptist Church is calling on members of the Church to identify the mark of God.

Speaking at a ceremony marking the groundbreaking of the First Baptist Church’s project in the VOA Community on Roberts International Highway, Sunday, April 28, 2019, Rev. Benjamin Steward Yeanay said a mark is a symbol of identity of a person or anything to remember.

Rev. Yeanay explained that a mark is a symbol of identity of a growing Church that the members believe is a solid rock that every member of the Church builds their foundation.

The First Baptist Church clergy said that a mark is a Church that points to Jesus in terms of trial, frustration, temptation, illness and death among other challengers that member of the congregation encounter within their spiritual sojourn.

Rev. Yeanay reiterated that, despite the difficulties and challenge, some members still identify with the Church because they believe that the mark of God is a solid rock that their Christian were being built upon.

The USA – based Baptist Clergy continued in his message that the example of the mark of the Church in those disciples of Jesus Christ like James, John, Peter, among others who continued to followed him until the time of his congregation which led him to his death on the cross.

Rev. Yeanay encouraged members of the first Baptist Church to always remember the mark of the Church so as to grow in this spiritual sojourn.

Also speaking at the end of the program, the head Pastor of the First Baptist Church elaborated on some of the challenges that need to be addressed by the board of the Church.

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Rev. John W. Toegbaye named some of the challenges as benches, space, chair and other equipment for Church activities. Rev. Toegbaye also applauded the congregation for the cordial working relationship in bringing the Church to where it is.

The head Pastor said members of the Church have been working through donation including cash among other Church material for the elevation of the Church.

Rev. Toegbaye said he is thankful to God for answering their prayer that two hectares of land that the groundbreaking were held.–Press release

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