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Clergy urges Liberians not to give up during challenging times

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The Founder and General Overseer of the Success Evangelical Outreach Ministries (SEOMI), Pastor Henry Success Mayson has urged his congregation and the citizenry not to give up on their vision in spite of numerous challenges that may confront them.

“We as a people and nation must continue to look up to the vision that God has giving us, don’t give up if you must make it in life,” he said in an exclusive interview Sunday, 20 December at the church’s edifice in Caldwell, New Georgia North Road.

Pastor Mayson’s comment came as the church observed its 7th anniversary. He informs this paper that the church was established seven years back with the holding of its first service on 17 November 2013 as a result of the vision given him by God to establish a church.

According to him, the Success Evangelical Outreach Ministries International came into existence as a result of a vision God gave in 1996 following his return from exile where he had gone to seek refuge during the civil unrest in Liberia.

“At least to reach 7 years give me so much joy, this tells us that more unspeakable joy is about to come,” he says.

Revealing his church’s three years strategic plans, Pastor Mayson details that they are hoping to establish at least two separate additional branches and a school for the citizenry, including members.

He notes that SEOMI has embarked on sending some of its members to pastoral schools to acquire the rightful knowledge to head the project.

At the same time, Pastor Mayson praises Liberians for exercising their constitutional rights smoothly, saying Liberia’s democracy is improving when compared to previous elections where there was chaos following the pronouncement of results across the country.

“We have fought for a long time, now that we have the peace, it’s incumbent upon each and every citizen to uphold the peace for the growth of the country,” he concludes.

By Lewis S. Teh–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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