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Clergy wants parties unveil their plans

Liberian Clergyman Rev. Foday Karpeh is calling on political parties here not to only put up campaign pictures, but to rather begin giving explanations regarding what they can do for the nation if they are given the chance to serve.

Rev. Karpeh said during a live radio talk show on Thursday, 3 August in Monrovia that in order for Liberian voters to evaluate fairly whether those seeking elected offices have what it takes to lead the country, voters will in the next two months need their platforms so as to fairly understand what candidates intend to do for the country.

The prelate emphasizes that integrity, vision, and competency are the three cardinal pillars of good leadership that voters want to see in candidates at this time.According to Rev. Karpeh, voters’ concern about their political leaders is to ask them about their intentions towards the Country, and how they will transform the nation’s economy.

He argues that it is the voters’ responsibility to put demands on their political leaders and ask them for the vision that drives them to contest in these elections. He also calls on the media here not to give credence to political leaders who will not display their plans or vision for the country, adding that such candidates must not appear on any Radio station, TV station or Newspaper.

He is demanding those wanting to be president to come up and face the country and say what they can do. Having acknowledged that Liberia’s future depends on those that will lead, Rev. Karpeh warns that if citizens do not have them scrutinized before electing them, they (citizens) would have themselves blamed for whatever happens.

“Over the years we have beliefs that if you want to get rich, get into government. And because of that anyone can just wake up and want to take state power,” he notes.The Clergyman has called on Liberians to put aside tribalism, friendship, ethnicity and line in these elections, rather urging them to be honest with themselves not to vote incompetent people.
By: Samuel P. Kamara –Edited by Winston W. Parley

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