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Clergyman Stresses Honesty

A Liberian clergyman Reverend Tuakah E. Whianger of the Calvary Baptist Church has stressed honesty as the hallmark for success in life. He said honesty is the neglected, but important virtue that Liberia needs to move forward.

Speaking at the end of financial activities of a local financial club, In God We Trust Multi-purpose Credit Union, in the Double bridge Community, outside Monrovia recently, the cleric observed that due to glaring dishonesty among Liberians both in government and in Churches, [even] shoppers are getting afraid of business people.

“People, who can afford to provide more vehicles to ease the transportation problems are afraid of encountering with dishonest drivers- no one to trust,” said Rev. Whianger. But he added, “Because honest is the right thing to do, people expect it; when it is [not] forthcoming, they question us.”

He warned the club members as well as Liberians in general not to step on others as means of getting to the top, saying “honest people can achieve the fruits of their labor.”

Meanwhile, the President of the In God We Trust Multi-purpose Credit Union, Saye J. Biyie says Liberians are usually perceived as “unserious people [who] cannot manage anything.” Biyie made the comment on Sunday, December 9, 2012, while making his annual report to club members at the Double Bridge Community in Paynesville.

He reported that the club collected a total due of LD$9,344,585.00 plus US$120,965.00 for the period January-December, 2012. He added that during the same period, the club expended loans of LD$11, 82,940.00 plus US$127,965.00. Biyie said the club attained a total interest of LD$2,989,405.00 plus LD$35,086.75 from the saving sector.

As for the credit union, he said the investment amounted to LD$7, 9005.00 plus USD$87,535.00, out of which the club expended a lone of LD$17,477,900 plus US$180,960.00. He reported the overall interest earned over the year amounted to LD$3,620,385.00 plus US$42,043.00.

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The club however expended a grand total of US$43,466.25 for the construction of a new office at the Double Bridge area. The President said a total of 576 members registered at the beginning of the year out of which a total of 422 were in the saving sector, while 154 were in the credit union accounts. Biyie said at least 62 persons dropped from the club before the end of the year.

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