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Clinical training course in Liberia

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The Joint West Africa Research Group or JWARG Monday began a week-long clinical training course in tropical and emerging infectious diseases for clinicians and lab professionals in Monrovia.

A press release issued in Monrovia says the training will help strengthen clinical skills needed to enhance research capability in West Africa.The 2014 Ebola epidemic highlighted gaps in local and regional disease data, research capabilities, and resources available to address epidemics in West Africa.

The course will include training on several specific diseases of concern in Liberia, including Ebola, Lassa fever, malaria, typhoid, and HIV, as well as training on sepsis from any cause, the release says.

Lectures will also address clinical response to infectious disease threats, including diagnostics, prevention, treatment and ethics. Students include clinicians from Liberia, Ghana, and Nigeria who are partnering with JWARG to conduct research.

Physicians and scientists from JWARG’s partner institutions in West Africa and the United States are teaching the course. “This initiative is a unique collaboration between military and civilian partners in West Africa,” said U.S. Ambassador Christine Elder. “Each group brings unique perspectives and strengths to the table, enabling the Group to develop strategies and capabilities that will help prepare the region for future disease outbreaks.”

The training follows on the establishment of Liberia’s first clinical microbiology lab in 40 years at Phebe Hospital, implemented in late 2016 with support from JWARG. Prior to that, Liberia had no advanced microbiology diagnostic capabilities.

This improved capability is critical to the management of infectious diseases. JWARG efforts in Liberia will also enhance the capabilities of West African physicians, scientists, and institutions to conduct clinical research, build and strengthen research capabilities in the region.

It is also expected to provide an effective surveillance mechanism, develop effective countermeasures and also broaden understanding of relevant infectious disease threats. A local partner, Africabio Enterprises, Inc., supports JWARG efforts in Liberia.
–Press release

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