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‘Clinton Foundation Report Timely and a Call to Action’

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President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has described the Report compiled by the Clinton Foundation titled: “Not There Yet: A Data-Driven Analysis of Gender Equality,” as timely and impressive. She reminded her audience that it was a call for formidable action towards the actualization of gender equality, as well as the promotion of the well-being of women globally.

According to a Dispatch from New York, the Liberian leader made the remarks when she served as Chief Launcher of the Clinton Foundation Report at the Best Buy Theatre in New York on Monday, March 9, 2015. 

President Sirleaf said the Report gives a vivid account of what has been achieved since the Beijing Conference took place 20 years ago, and does provide an insight into the gaps, as well as measures the world’s performance in achieving the lofty goals established in Beijing, China.  

She ondicated that several reform processes have been carried out with laws instituted to give more economic power to women. 

As a result, more women in different parts of the world are now in Parliament; while others are competing vigorously in professional areas of science and business once dominated by men. 

“Despite these gains,” President Sirleaf said, “the gaps are clearer,” adding that the global community must endeavor to eradicate social inequality and enhance women’s participation in development processes.

Sharing the platform with the Liberian leader, the President of Croatia, Madam Kolinda Grabar-Kifarac, said the promotion of women’s rights and the creation of opportunities for the realization of their potential is vital to the advancement of every society. “As such,” she stressed, “no effort should be spare towards championing women empowerment.”

The Bill, Hilary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation launched “No Ceiling: The Full Participation Project” in 2013 to advance and inspire the full participation of women and girls around the world.  

Meanwhile, the Clinton Foundation, through the former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, joined by Melinda Gates- the co-host of the program, has expressed thanks and appreciation to President Sirleaf for honoring their invitation to participate in the launch of their book.

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