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CLSG to reduce Liberia’s power supply reduced to 15MW

A report that Liberian electricity sector authorities have been informed that neighboring Ivory Coast’s electricity company, CIE is reducing Liberia’s electricity supply to 15 megawatts and has been doing the rounds in some important media chat rooms here.

The information is that CIE’s reduction of electricity supply to 15MW for Liberia is due to a serious problem with the Ivorian power company’s high voltage line. 

In the wake of this report, this paper has sought to authenticate the information by reaching out to Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) Board Chair Mr. Monie R. Captan but did not get him immediately via phone.

In what is making rounds in media chat rooms here, an official appears to inform colleagues in the power sectors that Ivory Coast CIE had informed Liberian authorities about the reduction of power supply.

The notice issued to the authorities in the electricity sector explained that neighboring Sierra Leone’s supply was reduced to 10 megawatts, and Guinea’s to five megawatts.

“In total, they will only provide the CLSG [Cote d’Ivoire, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea] countries 30MW,” the notice said. 

It said CIE cannot commit to a time when it will restore full capacity as it is still assessing its problem. 

Moreover, the notice indicated that water levels are very low at the hydro and Liberia can only run one unit for a total of 12 hours. 

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In the meanwhile, it said, instruction has been given to use the high fuel oil (HFO) to supplement the CLSG. 

This means that the Liberia Electricity Corporation’s supply is quite limited until CLSG restores its full capacity. It said this also means that there will be further load shedding.

In reaction to this development, one anonymous ex-official with vast knowledge in the sector argued that had LEC been visionary to have declared the construction of the St. Paul River hydropower project a national priority over a decade ago, the energy security and export earnings from power would have been assured.

The official suggested that where there’s no vision, the people suffer and eventually perish.

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