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CNDRA unveils two new sections

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In a frantic effort to contribute to the development’s agenda in raising the necessary revenue, the Center for National Document and Records Archives (CNDRA) on Tuesday, 27 October unveiled the Marriage and the Program and Projects Sections, its two newest sections.

Addressing CNDRA employees and guests at a program marking the official dedicatory ceremony, Marriage Section Director at CNDRA Ms. Asatu Carpenter says the dedication of the two sections will help the institution to contribute to national government’s efforts by raising the necessary revenues.

“The unveiling of the Marriage and Program and Projects Sections is considered as a dream come true for us, and this dedication here today is as the result of our visionary Director General that we have,” Ms Carpenter says.

She says employees of CNDRA are pleased to have a Director General that is so passionate and committed to transforming the institution for the betterment of the government and the country at large.
According to her, in the Marriage Section, staff carry out marriage counseling to couples or individuals seeking to get married, something she says will add value to the working of the institution.

The two new sections both have waiting rooms and well furnished with air conditioners in both sections, making the environment comfortable for employees, visitors and others who will go for business purposes.
For his part, CNDRA Director General Mr. Emmanuel A. Lomax extols employees for their tireless contribution in achieving the dream.

According to him, this wouldn’t have been possible without the fullest cooperation from his deputies, heads of sections and the staff at the entity.

He says the achievement is not about him, but the staff, recalling that during the heat of COVID-19, a huge portion of the staff were sent home base on a mandate from the president and the few staff that remained had to multitask.

He notes that the efforts they put in is something that motivated him and today he is glad that they are making immense progress.

Speaking to reporters following the dedicatory ceremony, Mr. Lomax says the dedication of the two new sections means a lot for CNDRA, noting that the achievement is in line with the government’s Pro – Poor Agenda.

According to him, the CNDRA is working on a five year strategic plan to decentralize its activities including opening of offices in the 15 counties.

He says since he took over at CNDRA, the current management has tried to bring integrity to the institution by installing CCTV that covers the strategic areas, adding that these are things that give the nation recognition by foreign countries.

“We public officials can’t continue to rely on government every time to augment our budget, at times we need to be innovative,” he says.

“What is required of me as an innovative head of this institution is to angle my development perspective on what the president thinks he is with the help of my team to go extra mile to get some international assistance,” he says.

By Lewis S. Teh–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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