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Coalition stalwart lashes CDC

-As 11 opposition parties pen intent

The ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) received serious political tongue lashes from a stalwart of an emerging rainbow coalition comprising 11 political parties, for having damaged the body politics here and dragged the entire nation into a reversed gear.

At the signing of a declaration of intent by the 11 registered political parties to establish a rainbow coalition, former presidential candidate and political leader of the Liberia Transformation Party (VOLT) Dr. Jeremiah Z. Whapoe lashed Thursday, 21 May that the CDC led – government is bringing colossal damage on the country.

“The election of the CDC – led government [is] a mistake that has caused colossal damage not only to our body politics, but dragging the entire nation into a reversed gear,” Dr. Whapoe said at AlaLagune Resort on the Congo Town Back Road outside Monrovia.

After affixing his signature to the coalition document, Dr. Whapoe says the potential marriage is intended to amalgamate forces with any political institution who is so desired to bring to bear equitable distribution of the national wealth that has been pocketed due to ill – leadership.

He claims that this action by the leaders here has molded the minds of citizens that poverty is the new normal in Liberia.“Our country is in peril,” he laments, suggesting that in such a situation, citizens come together with a mindset to repel the damages created.

Dr. Whapoe explains that it is his conviction that this potential political marriage is also intended to lead Liberia to a new, but higher destiny, to a plateau of compassion for fellow citizens and to a behavior of humanness that he thinks is lost in the society here.
Also speaking, True Whig Party (TWP) National Chairman Mr. Reginald B. Goodridge says there is a lot of work carried out behind the scene to get the alliance to where it is today.

He notes that the fact that their plans were not leaked to the public is a testimony to the seriousness and maturity of each member of the alliance.”The purpose of this rainbow alliance is to give voice to the voiceless parties and their many constituencies,” he says, adding that they are erasing the notion that they are small or second- class political parties.

“We are significant and ready to govern, says Mr. Goodridge, arguing that all political parties, no matter which size, have a government in waiting.“If it does not happen now, it will happen one day; it all depends on our purpose,” he adds.

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As a government in waiting, Mr. Goodridge notes that the rainbow alliance plans to govern itself with efficiency, intelligence and good sense, saying all it hopes to do is to practice so that when it is given the opportunity to govern Liberia, it will already know what to do.

The 11 registered political parties whose executives affixed their signatures to the establishing of the rainbow alliance include the Liberia Restoration Party (LRD); Change Democratic Action (CDA); Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE); Democratic Justice Party (DJP); and Victory for Change Party (VCP).

Others include Grassroot Democratic Party of Liberia (GDPL); Redemption Democratic Congress (RDC); Peoples Unification Party (PUP); Vision for Liberia Transformation Party (VOLT); New Liberia Party (NLP) and the True Whig Party (TWP).

Further, MOVEE Chairman Mr. Dan Saryee hails the stept taken by the 11 parties as something that no one thought they could have done, stressing that to bring 11 political parties together wasn’t an easy thing but they have achieved it.

He says they have come together because their people need the solution to the problems that they continue to face as a nation.”We are organizing ourselves to assess the situation which has kept our country poor and underdeveloped,” he adds

Representing the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) at the occasion, former ruling Unity Party Stalwart Mr. Mo Ali thanks officials of the rainbow alliance for their efforts in establishing the coalition.He says this will help to minimize the number of political parties during election period.”We are grateful for this, and we in the CPP are looking forward to working with you to restore the hope of our citizens,” he concludes.

By Lewis S. Teh–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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