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Cocopa protest reaches House

Repeated industrial protest at the Cocopa Plantation in Nimba County has hit the doorsteps of the House of Representatives thru a communication from Nimba County District#7 Representatives, Worlea Saywah Dunah, seeking plenary’s intervention.

Representative Dunah noted in his communication that for the past two years, there have been repeated labor unrests at the Cocopa Plantation. He said in recent weeks the labor unrest resumed in the same manner with protestors blocking the main entry to Nimba and to the entire southeastern part of Liberia.

Rep. Dunah disclosed that on the 19th of September, aggrieved workers blocked the flow of traffic on the major highway, preventing medical ambulance and pedestrians from moving about.
He narrated that the original investors for the Cocopa Plantation were taken to court for reneging on terms of the concession, which eventually caused them to lose the company to Nimba rubber in receivership thru the Eighth Judicial Circuit of Nimba County.

He said unfortunately for the workers, residents as well as commuters, who move along the route, the situation has never improved, as staffs are not being paid on time, settlement of retirees stalled because of lack of money, including food supply for the workforce, amongst numerous management failures, which continue to plague the plantation.

The lawmaker therefore called on plenary to intervene and ensure that a proper concession process is implemented, because Liberians in the employ of the plantation are suffering. Also commenting, Representative Larry P. Younquoi of Nimba County District #8 said the communication was timely, because the situation at the plantation has the propensity of knocking heads together, stressing that it is time the government takes back the farm and do something about it.

Meanwhile, the communication has been received and forwarded to the House’s Committee on Agriculture and Labor to report in one week.

By Bridgett Milton-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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