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Collectivism towards Achieving Liberianization Policy is Good, but…..

When President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf officiated a ceremony to dedicate a Plastic Factory and Recycling Plant on Bushrod Island last weekend, she underscored the need for collective efforts from every sector of the Liberian society to achieve the Liberianization policy.

She admonished every sector of the society to include the business community to play its part so as to achieve the dream of the Liberianization policy, further urging Liberians not to just sit and wait, but take advantage of the business opportunities already provided to help in boasting the nation’s economy by creating their own businesses.

“I am pleased to see Liberians joining hands to create their own businesses; you need not just sit and wait- we all have to contribute to the development drive of our country,” the President told her audience at the ceremony.

In as much as many Well-meaning Liberians would think the President means very well in her clarion call for the highest degree of collectivism in our strive towards the Liberianization police, the Government of Liberia must also bend backward at all levels to ensure a perfect environment to encourage Liberians.

Such wholesome functioning environment must also entail discouraging other Liberians in high places of government from suppressing and creating un-necessary bureaucratic bottom-neck for the establishment of businesses that must be run by only Liberians in accordance with the Liberianization policy.

As it is now on our economy, many businesses- including ice-making,  petro stations, as well as retail sales of rice, among others, set aside only for Liberians are owned and run by non-Liberians.

It is secret that Liberian owned businesses are not really supported by regulatory and protective institutions of government.

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If and only if the Ministry of Commerce and Industry can be made to resurrect from its current lame-duck stage, the President’s call would well manifest itself in the growth of Liberian businesses.

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