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Comm. Julye outlines 2015 successes & failures

Commissioner William BorborSackie Julye Cinta Township commissioner in District#5, Margibi County, William BorborSackie Julye, has outlined several achievements and challenges of his leadership in 2015.

“2015, there have been a lot of trials and temptations, but we fought it because we strongly believe in Almighty God. We believe our strength lies in Him; we don’t believe in the juju; we don’t believe in the ring; we don’t believe in anything on our waists so He has been carrying us through.”

Speaking to a team of reporters on Christmas day, December 25, 2015 at his residence along German Camp Road in Cinta, Commissioner Julye recalled on the 11th of January 2015, his son died in car crash, and on 4 June 2015, he was mysteriously flogged by an unknown stake at one of his project sites in Konoquelleh Clan, which left him unconscious.

According to him, he was immediately rushed to the Weala Community Clinic or WCC where doctors administered over 15 stitches on his head that enabled him to recover by the grace of God.

Further recounting his ordeals from fate, the commissioner said on July 22, 2015, he lost one of his clerks in person of Mr. Samuel Siakeh followed by a successor YancySulonteh, who had just gone to fill in the gap in November 2015, and that something was placed in his office chair that nearly took away his life and has always been making him ill.

Commissioner Julye added that he offered the chair to another institution that is not experiencing any problem from it and he himself is no longer getting sick, noting something (charm) may had been placed in the chair, particularly for him.
Julye dismissed rumors that he sacrificed his two clerks, who died office during the period under review, saying he knows nothing about their death. Commenting on his achievements, he named construction of the Weala Public School as his major achievement, adding, he met the school document on the table upon taking office and executed the project in full.

He also named a water tower project in the township, which is ongoing, as another achievement and disclosed that he has signed an agreement with Living Water International to construct flush toilets and wells across Cinta.
Commissioner Julye also said thru his leadership, a Paramount Chief was appointed in the township.

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By Ramsey N. Singbeh, Jr. in Margibi –Edited by Jonathan Browne


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