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COMMENTARY:Reflecting on Liberia’s Independence, Another Suggested Solution

Liberia is emblematic of a woman who gave birth to a child with countless disfigurement ranging from brain-damaged colossal and complicated digestive-system. The woman finally had to give-up the ghost and the child was 100 times a social political and economic liabilities to society and external relatives some of whom may openly distance themselves from such a blemished child, so it is with the deplorable scenario of the so-called Republic of Liberia a bi-product of U.S. freed slaves.

The perpetual anniversary of a nation’s natal day is a consequential pattern that is unavoidable. In the case of Liberia, there is the need for an intrinsic departure from Liberia’s devastating freed slave antecedent of celebration to a more self-identifiable self-determination celebration that should be different from the establish freed slaves’ symbols and national salves identities embedded in the so-called July 26, 1847 establishment.

Nonetheless, Liberia unstoppable predicament is not how many times independence days are celebrated, or how many indigenous presidents had been inducted into office, or how many ‘congo’ selective personalities have served as president of Liberia. The fundamental obstacle with Liberia is a subtle manner in which it was formed and run from a freed slave perspective up to present, is the crux of this confronted political spectrum.

What are the problems?
It is a national and international degradation for us as a people to bulwark and support the watchword “Land of Liberty” which was disinterred by freed-slaves in the 1800s. Just imagine a land originating from freed slaves concept who then imposed they are social economic and political mode on a virgin land that wasn’t recognized, nor was it colonized by the US.

The freed slaves introduced their selfish deportment coupled with deep slaves’ mentality, segregation, discrimination and gross exploitation. The freed slaves improvised a slave’s type of constitution onboard a slave ship called “Elizabeth” and later imposed and enforced it on the land they discovered as freed slaves. They later left an indelible social, economic political slaves marks which have served as a dangerous scare on the face of the land (Liberia).

Those alien species left behind their traces and impregnable hallmarks. They named each street in the capital city (Monrovia) and each city in Montserrado county as they in those past slave plantations. The freed slaves created a terrible slaves administration as it was characteristic of those in the slave plantations. The freed slaves domesticated indigenous people willfully, just like how themselves were domesticated on the then slave plantations in the US. They created a situation in which domesticated indigenous children had to change their identities and names in place of slave identities name of western signals and that was symbolic of the slave plantations symbols.

Joseph Jenkin Roberts, the first freed slave president of Liberia had triple citizenships. He was native of the Caribbean, a naturalized American slave, and a naturalized Liberia politician what a disgrace to a nation. Today, this freed slave is being celebrated in the land (Liberia)—which represents a national insult on the land (Liberia). Another freed slave in the person of Matilda Newport who willfully and intentionally murdered innocent indigenous people is still being hail and celebrated in this land. The question is: Are Liberians really ‘normal’ people.

How can a country of four million people be a product of freed slaves and at the same time endeavoring to seek recognition around the globe? The freed slaves were endangered human spices who unleashed a set of dangerous and uncontrollable political contamination on this piece of land (Liberia), and today, we called ourselves “Liberians” in disbelief which is a fundamental stigmatization on our ability as a people to even lift up our heads and beat on our chests anymore because of the freed slave stigma on the lives of people of this land (Liberia).

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What was grossly frustration, is the fact that the then freed slaves, lacked education, so they couldn’t encourage education, they lacked food production skills so they didn’t encourage large-scale farming. They, in fact, looked up to the ocean for their food to arrive on board a ship; they lacked culture so they couldn’t encourage cultural identity in the land. Rampant corruption, public theft and the vandalism of the nation’s resources were their forms of governance since 1847, yet we have continued to uphold this dangerous precedence as a people.

The Solution
Until Liberia can be overhauled from scratch, there will continue to be an insurmountable social economic and political crisis in Liberia. First, there is the need to remove all slave’s identities from this piece of land. The phrase “Land of Liberty” has to be destroyed completely and replaced by the phrase “Our native Land” The name “Liberia” which originated from this phrase “Land of Liberty” should be replaced with phrase “Green Coast” and the nation will be called “The Federal Republic of The Green coast” and its citizens will be officially known as “Greetians.”

This transformation should be followed by the change of the constitution reflective of a federalist form of governance. The national Athens should be changed to reflect a federalist Athens, all such things as the naming of our streets, cities should be changed to reflect the indigenous values system. This is one way we as a people can break from the freed slaves yoke and social economic and political stigmatization in the land.

The rationale behind this achievable radical departure:
We as a people have been stigmatized by a slavery syndrome associated with the freed slave’s notion which has to be broken politically and economically. Breaking from such an ugly past will bind us together as common people with one common destiny that will be respected by outsiders especially the international committee.

The breaking away from this past will help us as a people to be self-determined and will not be called any longer as “America step-child.”. It is also believed that the freed slaves concept destroyed the root of all indigenous of this piece of land which has to be restored, this is because quarter of millions of strangers around the world are exploiting Liberia’s goodwill and generosity in the name of Liberia as being Liberians and benefiting from abundance of immunities under false pretense. The change of the country’s name and its entire social economic and political nomenclatures will certainly help to undermine the status-quo of these groups who go about reaping huge benefits in the name of Liberia around the world under false pretense.
The changing of this nation’s social economic and political identities will bring about new reflection, new direction, new concepts and new approach as to how we as a people view ourselves as a people with one destiny. Until this nation (Liberia) can identify its original routes and cultural values by breaking away from its freed slave past there will continue to be more and more social economic and deep political problems in this nation (Liberia).
Liberians who believe in perpetual corruption and those who were not truly born on this piece of land will mount a fight against this radical departure which is practically possible. For example, the Gold coast was renamed Ghana to reflect the traditional values of Ghanaians, Northern Rhodesia was a colony and it was renamed to Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe symbolizes all the virtues of its citizens which they stand for. Southern Rhodesia was renamed Zambia to reflect the values and dignity of the people.
The Kingdom of the Republic of Khmer was changed to Cambodia in 1991 to reflect the values of its people. French Somaliland, Territory of the Afars was changed to Djibouti in 1977 to reflect the value of its people. The Gilbert Islands was changed to Kiribati in 1979 to protect the identities of its citizens. The Portuguese Timor East Timor was changed to Timor-Leste in 2002. The German Southwest Africa was changed to Namibia in 1990 and Upper Volta was changed to Burkina Faso in 1984 to reflect their self-identities. Why shouldn’t Liberia identities be changed to the Green coast to reflect the true identities of the people of this land?

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