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Commerce Ministry outlines plans for SME confab

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The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has disclosed plans for theupcoming 2016 Small Market Enterprise or SME Conference expected totake place at the Monrovia City Hall on November 15, 2016.

According to the Ministry, this year’s conference will take placeunder the theme: “From Vision to Implementation, Buying Liberian-Building Liberia”, with special focus on the promotion of women Entrepreneurs for Economic Empowerment.

Addressing the regular MICAT Press Briefing in the Charles GbeyonPress Hall yesterday November, 10, 2016 at the Ministry of Informationon Capitol Hill, Minister Axel Addy noted that since the inception of the Small Business Act or SBA, the MSME Conference has focused ondifferent topics and allowed the MSME to explore partnership, andreceive financing to extend their operations.

The Minister indicated that the conference has facilitated over OneMillion dollars in investment in SME, with new innovation such as theLiberia innovation fund for entrepreneurs and the LiberianMarketplace.

He said each year, the conference has had a specificfocus, saying for last year, it emphasized youth innovation forEconomic Empowerment as a vehicle for youth participation in economicdevelopment, and showcases their creativity, and innovation at thetrade fair.

“This year, this conference is about Liberia’s innovative womenentrepreneurs who are contributing to Liberia transformation story bybeing productive citizens and role models,” the Liberian Commerce Minister intimated.

He, however, told reporters that this year’s conference will be anannual capacity-building conference, networking and business-linkageevent, aimed at providing a forum for Liberian women entrepreneurs toparticipate in a comprehensive E+ Business plan competition foremerging start up MSME women entrepreneurs, as well as to foster womenentrepreneurship, innovation, networking and knowledge-sharing.

According to him, the conference will select the second class of E+Entrepreneurs to benefit from Liberian innovative fund forEntrepreneurs life fund, indicating that the 2016 annual conferencewill also showcase the Rubber Furniture Hall, where variousCarpenters, especially the innovation of young female carpenters willbe showcased with reward for best innovators.

He pointed out that the standard trade fair will also showcase 100SME’s from all over Liberia, saying the Annual MSEM Conference is aflagship conference of the Ministry of commerce, and Small Business Administration or SBA Bureau, with support from the Government ofJapan and other partners.

“The competence of Liberia MSME to favorably be competitive within theLiberian local markets depends on their ability to improve theirentrepreneurial skills and knowledge in all aspect of commerce, and trade in Liberia,” he said.

By Lewis S. Teh-Edited by George Barpeen

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