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Commercial cyclists want ban lifted

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The leadership of the tricycle and motorcycle union says in as much the Government of Liberia is unable to provide jobs for the citizenry, there should be no sanction placed on tricycle and motorcycle operators in the country.

Addressing a joint news conference recently in Monrovia, the Secretary General of the tricycle and motorcycle union Trokon Gray quoted Article 8 of the 1986 Constitution of Liberia that calls on government to create employment opportunities for its citizens.

He pointed that Article 13 of the Constitution also states that all citizens have the right to move freely around the country once they didn’t contravene the organic laws of the land.

“We strongly believe our members operation poses no threat to our country”, and therefore, for the LNP to impose no-go zone is a clear violation of Article 13 knowing that the Government of Liberia is incapacitated to providing jobs for all of its citizens”, he said.

The leadership of the cyclists union further described as draconian and a complete marginalization, government’s recent actions through the Police to stop its members from plying major streets in Monrovia.

It said the Police decision to declare certain parts of Monrovia as no go zones for motorcyclists has endangered lives of its members, who rely commercial cycling to feed their families.

The Secretary General of the group,Trokon Gray said, it is unacceptable for motorcycliststhat contribute to government revenue to be treated in such manner.

Mr. Trokon said since the declaration of the no-go zone restriction,their members’ rights have been denied, saying, “We see this action as a complete marginalization and abuse of power.”

But Police deputy inspector general for operation Col. Marvin Sackor recently clarified that restriction imposed on commercial motorbikes and tricycles from plying in central Monrovia is meant to avoid frequent road accidents and save lives.

“We didn’t put sanction on motorbike and tricycle riders to put the youthful population out of jobs, but we did that to reduce the huge number of road accidents as the result of their motorcycles”, he said.

Col. Sackor made the clarification on Wednesday, January 6, 2021 when he spoke to reporters in Monrovia. According to him, Police authorities met with the leadership of the federation of motorcycle union, cognizant that some of them are tax payers.

“In the meeting, we told them that due to our road safety statistics, there is huge number of accidents and based on the statistics, we told them we were going back to status quo anti, where there will be demarcation and they will only be allowed to ply the feeder roads.” Col. Sackor maintained the Police will not compromise public safety.

By Lewis S. Teh–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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