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Commercial driver jailed for lack of license

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Monrovia Traffic Court Judge Atty. Karsor K. Zubah has jailed a commercial driver identified as SiakaSayon for operating a taxi cab in central Monrovia without a driver’s license. Sayon’s jail term is unspecified in the court document.

In a commitment addressed to Monrovia Central Prison Superintendent Col. Varney G. Lake Wednesday, 21 October, Judge Zubah gave instruction to the prison authority to receive in his legal custody the living body of Mr. Sayon, operator of a vehicle bearing plate number TX-10395.

Sayon faces charges of operating a vehicle without license and no insurance in violation of the law. A writ of arrest issued against Sayon explains that the police had complained against the accused that on 20 October at about 18:07hrs, he operated a commercial vehicle in Monrovia, precisely at Broad and Johnson Streets intersection.

According to the court, the Liberia National Police (LNP) established that Sayon is not a licensed driver to operate a motor vehicle and there was no valid insurance which is a wanton disregard for the safety of persons.

The court indicates that Sayon’s acts contravene Section 2.80 of the Vehicle and Traffic of the Republic of Liberia.

In an interview with the defendant at the court, he explains that he was picking up a passenger on Broad Street on Tuesday, 20 October when he got questioned by an officer as to why he had to stop allegedly at a bus stop.

He claims that he has a license and the car in question is allegedly insured. However Sayon indicates that he has already misplaced his driver’s license after an accident that occured before his encounter with the officer in central Monrovia.

“I have a license but,” he alleges, saying he got a new driver’s license last month but he didn’t go to the court to challenge the officer. He says he only wants to appeal to the judge, asking the judge to call Zone 9 Police Depot to confirm that he has documents for his vehicle.

“Please I did not [come] here for [a] challenge; I want you to understand that please,” he says during the interview, adding that he didn’t go to the court with a lawyer because he never intended challenging the ticket issued by the police. “I came to find a remedy so I can be able to, because the car is parked at Slipway Depot,” he concludes. By Winston W. Parley

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