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Commercial Drivers On strike

Commercial drivers in Monrovia and its environs have gone on strike for what they called “lack of profit” caused by government in the transport sector.

Commuters, mainly from the City of Paynesville and Township of Gardenersville found it very difficult to reach their destinations, including work places in Monrovia, as they were seen standing by the road side awaiting commercial vehicles for hours due to the  strike action.

Following several hours, most commuters decided to either walk  to their destinations or return home.

The action by the commercial drivers comes nearly two weeks after the issuance of a new regulation on transport fares by the Government of Liberia.

The fares were reduced due to the reduction in the prices of petroleum products- an action commercial drivers described as mere bluff, unfortunate and not in the interest of commercial drivers.

Some of the striking drivers, who spoke with the New Dawn on Monday, January 26, 2015 said though the prices of fuel and gas have reduced, it was not a sufficient reason for government to reduce transport fares, further accusing the government of undermining the transport sector in Liberia. “Our big people in government who are controlling the transportation business are the ones that are bringing this confusion; they don’t have plan in place, but they can just wake up in the morning and make decision that affects other people,” Mohammed Dukely , one of the striking drivers in Monrovia explained.  

“How do they want us make profit when the government is telling taxi drivers to carry only three persons at the back and one at the front; and transportation fares are now coming down every time without taking into consideration that the drivers are not cars owner. We need to report and at the same service our cars and buy parts,” Kelvin Jallah, another aggrieve driver noted.

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By Edwin G. Genoway, Jr.

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